10 Reasons Why Being Healthy Influences Your Children's Health

10 Reasons Why Being Healthy Influences Your Children's Health

As a parent, you are the most influential person in your children’s life. There are a lot of ideas that can be utilized to develop your child’s good habits.

As a parent, you are the most influential person in your children’s life. There are also a lot of ideas that can be utilized in order to develop your child’s habits towards eating healthy. Being able to have your kids eat the healthy foods allows them to obtain the necessary nourishment that each of the food groups contain. Not only that but they will be more motivated to try foods they’ve never tried before and eventually grow to like them and thrive in a healthy way. Once a child expands their food choices, parents are able to provide complete meals that are healthier for all.

However, before you can set a good example for your children about living a healthy lifestyle, you should focus on yourself first. This way, you’ll be a good example to your children about how to live healthily. One way to accomplish this is by trying thrive. If you’re wondering what is thrive it is a weight loss system that many people swear by to lose and maintain their ideal weight.

Keep reading to see how in addition to a healthy lifestyle, you can help your child do the same.

Introduce the Food by Eating It Yourself

When you show your young children that you are eating fruit and a vegetable, they will grow an interest in what you are eating and will want to try it too. Let them know that you really enjoy them.

Take the Kids With You to the Grocery Store

When your kids go with you to the grocery store you will have an opportunity to introduce them to many more nutritious foods and teach them about nutrition. Ask your kids questions about the different fruits, protein, dairy, grains, and vegetables and their origins. From that, allow them to pick some choices from those to have at home.

Involve the Kids in the Kitchen

Allow your kids to use their imagination and creativity as they help you in the kitchen. Help make different shapes out of the food you’re preparing. Inspire your children to create munchies that are fun and easy lie a simple trail or fruit mix.

Stop Offering Different Food Choices

There is no need to prepare different foods for each child. Planning the same meal for all is so much easier than being a “personal chef” for the little ones.

Provide Hugs and Love

Provide different sentiments of love and affection as a reward for doing something approving. Avoid junk food because you don’t want them to think they’ll always get them afterward. This is especially true if they refuse to eat any meals. They shouldn’t receive junk food in place of it.

Spark Interest While Having Meals

While having meals together at the table, spark your child’s interest by conversing about enjoyable topics as you eat. Remove any and all distractions like cell phones, T.V’s or radios.

Pay Attention and Listen

Provide a meaningful snack if your child expresses hunger between meals. Also, provide more than one option when it comes to meals by asking if they would like green beans or carrots instead of only one.

Restrict Amount of T.V. Use

Do not allow your children to get used to sitting in front of the T.V all day. Limit the use to around 3 hours every day. This ensures that they will get outside and do what kids their age does and that’s play with friends.

Urge Your Kids to Be Active

Include time during the day or evening where the entire family participates in an activity that’s physical in nature. You can plan a family walk or just play around with them. No matter what it is, just make sure it doesn’t involve the couch. Let them see your example of being physical.

Be a Model By Eating the New Food Choice

Being a role model for your kids is important in all aspects of life, including food and nutrition. This is why you should partake in the foods that you offer your kids too. Make sure to explain how it smells, its texture, and the overall taste. Don’t overwhelm your kids with many items at once. Spread them out and include one new item with their favorite. Whatever you do, do not force them into eating.


Now that you know what it takes to help your child thrive, all you have to do is get the ball rolling. That way your child begins and maintains a long and healthy childhood that they can take with them into adulthood.