How to Work Out with Your Husband

How to Work Out with Your Husband

How to exercise with your husband and why you should.

Have you made the decision to finally get fit and start working out and eating right daily? Congratulations! It is a huge decision, but ultimately it is one of the best ones you will ever make. You've made the decision, but what about your husband? If he's reluctantly decided to go along on this fitness journey with you, you should first thank him. Then you both should go shopping together. New workout clothes may help get you both motivated and help you stay on track. After all, everyone loves a new pair of clothes.

The Necessary Shopping Trips to Take to Begin Living a Fit Life

If you think about it, the shopping trips are the first steps you really take to getting fit. You have to fill up your refrigerator with healthy, nutritious food and that delicious almond milk you put in your protein shakes in the morning. Your husband has to find those "mens athletic shorts" and you need to find those leggings and tank tops and a good pair of running shoes that will get you moving on the way to achieving your goals. Once you both find the right workout clothes, that is the ones you wake up eager to put on every day and work out, what's next? I think the next step to working out with your husband is setting a schedule you both can stick to.

Scheduling and Planning Workouts Together

Schedules are important! They run more than half of our lives! It goes to say you and your husband must agree on a workout timeline that aligns with both of yours and his work schedule and that doesn't interfere with the home life you've built together. Once you agree on a schedule, you both should shake hands as silly as it sounds and agree to motivate each other and keep each other on track as much as possible. Also, you both should agree to try to not get on each other's nerves because it happens when you spend too much time together. You may also have different views on what working out should entail. Try to agree on a workout plan that benefits both of you.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When you begin working out with your husband, you may realize you are stronger or weaker than him. Either way, it is important to listen to him and take any advice he has for you. He should do the same. To workout with him, you may have to push yourself to keep up with him. Try to encourage him to stay on the same level and ask him to help you with whatever it is you need, whether it be help with weights or an exercise you don't understand. The important thing is to just be a team.

Coordinating Our Workouts and Our Minds

To work out together, you must learn to be on the same page. Not being on the same page is a recipe for disaster. Try coordinated workouts as much as possible. A quick search online will yield many results. If you guys are doing coordinated workouts, you end up working together without even realizing that you are and just like that, you both are creating positive energy and bouncing it off of one another. You also should each run together whenever possible. Running is a way to bond because neither of you can really talk. It is just the both of you together learning to breath and encouraging each other to keep going.

Producing Results Together

Working out with your husband may at first seem a little awkward as it usually is when you start working out with someone else. Once you both start getting in tune with each other's mindset and attitude about working out, it will improve and gradually become less awkward. Eventually it will just be a normal part of your everyday lives together. Seeing the changes happen in each other and the transformation that occurs will be worth all of the running and the tiredness you may both feel that comes with adding a full workout schedule to running a household, raising a family, and going to work. Keep going and encourage each other whenever possible. Your husband is the love of your life. Let working out together make you closer than ever.