Kicking The Joint Pain

Kicking The Joint Pain

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No matter what age suffering from joint pain can be both incredibly exhausting and debilitating. Being unable to perform simple tasks such as walking up stairs, lifting light items, or getting comfortable on a couch can take just as big of a mental toll as it does physical. Millions of people young and old suffer from chronic joint pain. And, depending on the climate you live in joint pain can get much worse during those harsh winter months. Thankfully joint pain is treatable and there are a few at home remedies that may help alleviate your mild to extreme chronic joint pain.

Stretching In The Morning

Physical activity may seem like it would do the opposite of helping relieve joint pain it actually can help with mobility. The body is stiff normally upon waking and can use a bit of extra help to get the blood flowing to loosen up muscles and joints so there is less strain when you decide to get moving for the day. Stretching also increases your range of motion which will mean less sharp bouts of pain when doing movements that are out of the norm. When the muscle gets used to the flexibility it'll put less pressure on your joints.

A Continuous Exercise Regiment

We're not talking about going heavy exercises like running, stairs, or kickboxing so don't worry. Moderate exercise is more focused on continued physical activity without adding strain to the body. Water aerobics is a good one for people that suffer from joint pain. It is a good exercise with resistance from the water but doesn't require extreme strength or energy plus you get to hang out in a cooling pool that is proven to help relax the mind and improve moods. Yoga is another good one that provides multiple benefits. Yoga improves range of motion, flexibility, promotes a calming mindset and focus on bodily control while acting as a mild exercise to burn calories and stretch the body. It's a win all around.

Getting To or Keeping A Healthy Weight

If you're trying to lose weight the exercises above will certainly aid in that goal but did you know keeping a healthy weight for your height will also improve joint pain? Excess weight no matter the area adds more strain to your joints thus making the pain even worse than it would be naturally without the added pounds. If you're at a healthy weight it is very important to keep it that way and if you're overweight getting that in check will help immensely. Sticking to a high-protein low-carb diet will boost your energy for before and after your exercising as well and make sure you replace what you've burned during your exercise regiment.

Over The Counter Medicine

There are a variety of options to pick from if you want to go the route of using medication or creams to help the pain in your joints. A topical cream only works temporarily and you may have to keep rubbing it on to keep being pain free as it only numbs the pain rather than help reduce the swelling. Heal-n-soothe is another over the counter dietary pill that can help bring down inflammation that causes joint pain. It combines powerful painkillers with ingredients that fight against inflammation for hours of relief if you've got a busy day ahead of you.

Treat Yourself To A Massage

Healing for both the mind and body getting a good massage can target problem areas and help soothe the pain in your muscles and joints. Professional masseuses are trained to know how to work with problem areas in the body without irritating or worsening the issue. And, it just feels good to treat yourself to some relaxation.

Joint pain doesn't have to rule your life. With the proper routine and help from your doctor you can get back to your day-to-day life pain free.