Learning to Love Yourself

Learning to Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself first starts with understanding balance and understanding oneself.

Loving yourself isn't always easy. At least it isn't at the beginning for everyone. It's dependant on who brought you up during the days when you were more inexperienced than you currently are. Some may have gained the knowledge and understanding that everything comes in due time as it should. But others aren't as patient and aren't willing to work on themselves. They need someone else to help them along and push them to a positive evolution that will benefit all who surround that particular being.

Sadly there are those that end up in bad friendships and relationships that tear them down and make them not value themselves as they should. They find themselves pushed around, pretending to be happy although they are not at all happy with their situation. That is, until they're left as used garbage that's exerted its energy or they gain enough will to seek a better existence.

Learning to love yourself first starts with understanding balance and understanding oneself. Understanding the flaws that bleed out of every single being and doing your best to do naturally what's right for yourself and others that won't result in you ultimately hurting yourself.

There's physically loving yourself by exercising, making sure your body is clean through showers and avoiding needless confrontations that mess with your energy. That energy influences your mood and productivity that benefits you, if you're efficiently working for your better self. It comes in many different ways. Loving oneself is an expression of art like when there are meaningful tattoos on someone. There will be those that will know of special meanings that being had by way of their tattoos. Examples like the Semicolon tattoo, to demonstrate life still has meaning and will keep going.

Aside from physical, there's mental. Controlling your mental climates. Restricting those that only seek to push you over the edge. There are always better opportunities so never be afraid to leave a negative space/ situation. By loving yourself, you're doing what's best to get to a better state of existence. That could mean leaving a horrible job environment or other setting. It isn't running away. That'd be the ego speaking. Having that understanding allows you to make choices that won't mentally stress you out to the point that you make decisions that would otherwise be simple. Imagine there's some sort of rent to be paid but you have beings left and right attempting to get you to slip into their problematic drama. You can observe and notice where those interactions will lead you.

After mental there is spiritual. Having that peaceful connection will make your surroundings clearer and where you desire to go or how you desire to shift those perimeters for yourself and loved ones. That's gained by meditating and it isn't simple at first. Especially if you aren't the only one in your ambiance. There may be those that will distract you from reaching that more tranquil state. Those that are more reckless and may need influencing. If it's something new that's picked up, a spouse may not be all too happy about it but if they aren't then that demonstrates to you who needs assistance. What has to be worked on. Sometimes that means you may have to move on and seek something better for the sake of loving yourself and experiencing what you're meant to live.

Now there is also spoiling yourself from time to time. That can come in the form of buying yourself clothes or gadgets that make you happier. It can even be done in any other way that involves investing in yourself by buying new equipment to attain a new skill you can put to use onward. There's nothing wrong with that. It makes you feel great and look great. That positive vibrance pulls in those that are on that level too. Though a keen sense of differentiation has to be applied. In regards to noticing who is genuinely a peer and friend seeking to grow with you as opposed to someone that's seeking to knock you over when the chance arises.