8 Secrets for a Successful Return to Work after Having Your First Child

8 Secrets for a Successful Return to Work after Having Your First Child

Going back to work after having a baby can be both exciting and hard. Here are some tips to ease the process.

Going back to work after having a baby can be both exciting and hard. After all, leaving your adorable baby in someone else's care, yet you have never been away from them. If you are transitioning from your maternity leave to the workplace, here are some tips to ease the process.

1. Have your logistics in check

Getting back to your work after such a long break will require you to create a new routine. Remember that your baby's feeding schedule remains constant. So, you should figure out a way of pumping breast milk and storing it. It is also okay to opt for baby formula if you cannot manage to get enough breast milk for your little one. Create an ideal evening and morning schedule will help create time for the new responsibilities.

2. Select your child's care carefully

Returning to work will be a lot easier if you are confident in the person caring for your baby. The options are unlimited. If you can, consider hiring a full-time nanny with childcare experience. However, using a daycare facility and asking a family member for assistance are also viable options.

3. Do a childcare trial

Once you have settled on the childcare option of choice, the next step is to carry out a test of how it will be like leaving your little one behind. The advantage of trying it before going to work is that it helps you to ease the arrangement and correct any errors. How this works is that you will leave your baby under the chosen care and leave the house.

4. Look good

When you look great, it will reflect on your mood. Unfortunately, most first-time mothers do not know this, so they end up wearing maternity dresses. Also, if you have added some baby fat, avoid fitting the pre-pregnancy clothes, as this will only discourage you. After trying the clothes, you will start feeling terrible wondering why you are not yet back to "normal" after such a long time. So, do not even try your old clothes; consider buying new ones.

5. Go back midweek

The first week is likely to be tiresome. Therefore, returning during midweek is a great idea, because you will be close to the weekend. Having a full week for the first time can be quite cumbersome. Talk to your boss and see if they will agree.

6. Catch up

On your first day at work, talk to your boss and discuss the project you missed while on maternity leave. Take time up to speed with any new developments so that you can ease your transition. Meet the person who has been taking care of your roles, and request for a short brief. When you talk about it, you will transition with ease, rather than diving in without a clue.

7. Consider working from your house if that is an option

While some bosses will allow you to work from your home, others won't. Ask your employer to let you do your duties remotely. It doesn't have to be all through, because you can go to the office for two days and work from home for three days. If you went for this alternative, you would have three days of breastfeeding and two days of pumping. Another option is to move closer to your workplace. If you do not find a big place soon enough, consider searching for storage units near me and keeping your items there.

8. Understand and set your limits

Along the way, you may have to dismiss a project or two. During the first month, do not accept a lot of projects until you are sure that your schedule can allow. Although saying no may make you feel inadequate, it is a sign of strength. Emphasize on the quality of work you do rather than the quantity.

Going back to your workplace after having your first child can be daunting. Hope these tips help you to transition smoothly. All the best