Your Business' Blog Needs These Digital Tools

Your Business' Blog Needs These Digital Tools

Use these tools to improve your blog's quality.

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow your business. For one thing, it positions you as an expert. That’s powerful because any leads you generate can be incredibly lucrative. Another great perk of blogging is that there’s a wealth of topics out there. Local topics are vital in the world of real estate. And as you know there’s much less competition for local keywords than general ones.

Professionally blogging has a tantalizing amount of upside. However, to fully realize that upside you need to use the right tools. Here are tools that take your site to the next level.

1) Google Docs

There’s a surprising amount of people that are still using Microsoft Office (1.2 billion). Now, Microsoft Word isn’t bad and it has its place, but it has a couple of key drawbacks. First, it costs money while Google Docs is free. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t save your work automatically. Lastly, Google Docs can be edited by multiple users at once, even if they are in different places of the world.

It’s okay to use both, but it’s important that you know when to use each software. Here is a blog that might help you determine when to use which program.

2) Fyrebox

This is a free tool. Use it to quickly make a free quiz that you can insert in your blog. This is a huge time saver. One advantage of a quiz is that it’s active, instead of passive. It gets your readers involved. Make sure you peak your readers' curiosity by asking interesting questions. For example, you could ask “which local city has the most expensive house” or “which local city has the highest concentration of swimming pools?” You could even ask opinion-based questions, such as “which area would you prefer to live in?” People eat up local trivia, so quizzes have a very serious upside for realtors.

3) Quora

“Water, water, everywhere nor any drop to drink.” That famous saying from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner describes a thirsty sailor who is surrounded by water he can’t drink (because it’s salt water). Sometimes, realtors feel this way too. There are thousands of blog topics out there, but it feels like there are no blog topics out there. Which ideas will bring traffic via organic search? What are the unanswered questions that people want to know about? One way to find them is with Quora. People ask questions on here, and you can use this platform to get inspiration for real estate topics.

4) Evernote

You never know when inspiration will strike. That’s why Evernote is such a powerful tool. Imagine that you’re reading something and you get a flash of inspiration. The Evernote App will allow you to quickly copy it and save it for later. Evernote supports a variety of formats including PDF, ebooks, images, etc. In a way, Evernote is comparable to a small, basic version of a data catalog, an organized service that allows multiple users to explore information in a governed environment.

5) Wunderlist

A key component of blogging is consistency. Bloggers who reliably upload are rewarded by Google. Conversely, bloggers who post inconsistently typically fail to see the results they’re looking for. Wunderlist is a productivity tool that helps bloggers get things done. There’s a lot going on in the typical real estate office. It’s easy to fall behind schedule on your blog. Wunderlist is a great tool that helps you prioritize posting.

One Bonus Tool for You

Good grammar and word choice will separate your blog from the competition. Use Grammarly to catch errors like comma splicing, run-on sentences, and improper capitalization. If you use the tools available to you, your blog will flourish, and you’ll see more business than ever before.