How to Keep Up With Good Posture as One Ages

How to Keep Up With Good Posture as One Ages

Maintain good posture with these tips.

People seldom give much conscious attention to posture. But that doesn't mean that they're not noticing it. Posture is one of the most important parts of both social and physical health. People might not notice it consciously. But posture tends to come up more often than one might suspect. As such, there's a lot to be gained by paying extra attention to posture as one ages.

Why Posture is Important

There are some elements of posture which are important to everyone regardless of age. One of the most important is what posture communicates on a social level. When people stand up straight but move with fluidity they convey a message to those around them. The message states that they're healthy, flexible and possibly even athletic. It basically imparts a sense of vitality to people.

As people grow older taking care of posture actually preserves those traits. People assume positive correlation with posture for good reason. Good posture really does suggest those traits. And by holding tight to proper posture as time goes by one can also maintain those positive elements of health.

Additionally it helps with a wide variety of physical functions. Good posture helps increase lung efficiency. It can also help aid digestion. One will often even find that sleep quality goes up with good posture.

What to Aim For

It's important to have a clear idea of one's end goals. As such, one should stop for a moment and ask “what does good posture look like?” When asking what good posture looks like it's easy to feel confused for a moment. People recognize good posture when they see it. But it's not as easy to put into words. It's easier to define good posture by considering an example. Someone standing at attention in a military setting is a classic example of good posture. One's head and neck are straight as are the shoulders. One's spine should be more of a straight line than a curve. And in general good posture emphasizes straight lines in general over curvature.

How to Preserve Good Posture Over Time

There's quite a few ways to preserve and develop good posture. One of the best is jogging while paying close attention to one's overall posture. The main reason this works so well is that running can be a full body exercise. Especially on trails or natural areas one needs to work with almost every muscle in the body. As one pays attention to posture this means giving a workout to all the muscles which contribute to it.

Stretching can also help one maintain good posture. This can be taken even further by working through yoga or plates. But the important point with any kind of stretching is that it should provide a wide variety of muscles with exercise and rest. It's similar in that way to jogging.

One should also be careful to practice good posture while sitting. Just as one shouldn't slouch while walking, one shouldn't while sitting either. It's easy to curve one's back when sitting down. And this is especially true when using a pillow or cushion. But people should try to align their back with the back of any given chair. Chairs are usually designed in a way that helps them work with someone displaying good posture.

Creating a Solid Plan

One can construct a solid plan based on this information. It begins by considering just how much good posture contributes to social and physical health. One can keep note of that as mental fuel to build up good habits. Basically, one simply needs to find which physical activities are fun for them. Some people like jogging, others like yoga. But the essential point is simply discovering a posture positive pastime which one can keep up with for a lifetime. This will, in turn, help to ensure one has a lifetime of good posture.