How to Keep Your Computer Running Faster

How to Keep Your Computer Running Faster

Want a fast computer? Check out the tips below to optimize your computer.

It can be frustrating when your computer begins to run slow. In a world that is changing fast and ever-evolving high tech, if you had to wait a few more seconds for your computer to load, you will get irritated and feel as if your time is being wasted.

According to Business Wire, 66 percent of Americans agree that their significant frustrations when using their computers are waiting on the system. A slow system can impact profoundly on the productivity of an individual.

The good news, however, is that there are ways you can improve the speed of your computer if its slower than it usually is. Whether you are using a PC, laptop, or Mac, here are things you can do without resorting to this problem.

Safeguard Your Computer Against Attacks and Viruses

You can easily set up the Microsoft Security Essentials as it is automated and free to use. If you cannot do anything else, make sure this tool is up and running. You can also uninstall any firewall programs or antivirus that initially came with the machine. Microsoft tools work just fine.

Alternatively, you can use ssl decryption to identify dangerous software and malware inbound to applications to ensure efficiency and great performance.

Check Your Hard Disk

One trick to make sure your computer remains working efficiently is by keeping at least 15 percent of your hard disk space free. If the HDD is more than 75 percent full, you must uninstall some files and programs to increase the speed of your computer. However, if your HDD has sufficient space, something could be wrong with your OS.

Arrange Desktop Icons into Folders

Arrange your desktop icons into folders to make the background clean, and it can also reduce the RAM usage. When you do not organize your desktop icons, your computer will have to load each icon, which consumes a lot of RAM space. However, if they are all in a single folder, then your machine will only have to load the folders.

Computers come with various power plans, including High Performance, Power Saver, and Balance, to help control how the machine uses power. To optimize battery life, you need to lower the performance of the device, otherwise, High Performance consumes a lot of power.

Back-Up Crucial Files

Millions of people have lost data that they had stored in their computers. Hardware failure is a common occurrence. As such, you must save all your essential data and files in a separate hard disk to protect yourself against such mishaps.

Nowadays, you can even automate the process, and if something wrong occurs, you will only have to spend some money on the machine itself rather than crucial memories and data.

Prevent OneDrive From Syncing

The OneDrive File Storage comes with Windows 10. It is designed to sync files and manage them. It is also an excellent tool for backup so that if your hard disk or computer dies, you still have all your data in place.

OneDrive regularly syncs files between the cloud storage and your computer, which can slow down your machine. To increase your computer’s speed, stop the syncing. However, you need to confirm whether or not it is slowing down your computer.

Reinstall Windows from Scratch

You can get rid of all the issues in your computer in a single fell swoop by re-installing your windows. You can either use the recovery partition on your hard drive or windows install media. Once you are done reinstalling windows, update it and install all the necessary updates.

After updating the windows and drivers, get rid of all the trial-ware and junks that came with the windows. Avoid installing any programs except for the ones compatible with your web browser. The install a legitimate antivirus. Use autoruns to stop programs from starting without permission.

Now, your computer should be running faster like it is new. It should even be faster than a new computer because you have removed all the trial-ware and junk, and no apps or programs are running in the background except the antivirus.