Parenting blog: A teen's parent

Parenting blog: A teen's parent

A parenting blog is a piece of experience shared by parents of different aged groups, expressing their feelings, thoughts, and experiences in it.

Children between 13 to 19 years of age are known as teenagers; the word teenage is associated with adolescence. It is a period when a child goes through many changes biologically, physically, and mentally too.

This is one of the most challenging yet essential phases for the children and the parents. While going through such a phase, you as a parent might get irritated and frustrated but don't be bothered much; here in this parenting blog, you will find all the solutions to your parenting questions and problems.

Difficulties of being a teen's parent:

A teenager is a phase that comes in everyone's life; it's a part of growing up. You would have also gone through it, right? So why aren't you ready to accept the change in your child's behavior? Don't worry. It's just a phase and will pass on. In this part of the parenting blog, you will be able to trace the problems you might face as a teen's parent.

Selfish and ungrateful- You might sometimes feel that your child is being selfish and may act ungrateful in many situations. But be patient; they will soon realize things.

The feeling of being superior- Your child might feel that they are the only helpful person on this earth; no one is better than them. They can also ignore you or your pieces of advice in this sense of superiority.

Rebellious- The most common stage is being rebellious. Now tell me did you have a question, or have you been asked a similar parenting question? Of course, you would be; if not, try relating this to your teenage life. For example, I don't want to wear this dress; I will not go on a trip with you; why don't you allow me to go out to the party? Remember? So accept this stage, try to understand your child, and make them know too.

I am the best: 'Oh, I look so pretty, I am the best, I can do everything, I know this, etc..' It's good if your child feels good about themselves and the changes going inside them; make sure their self-love doesn't harm anyone.

Quiet and shameful: Sometimes, your child can feel bad about how they look and how their body is developing and might stay silent. Try communicating with them during such a time and make them feel good about it.

The solution to all your parenting questions

There's always a solution to every problem; dealing with your teen child might be a task, but don't worry, soon you will start enjoying it. Here are a few tips for the same.

Be a friend: Always remember you are not only a parent but a friend too. This bond of yours with your child will help both of you. They will have a good friend, and you will be able to know your child more closely.

Spend time: This parenting blog or any other blog will indeed have this point because time is the most precious gift you can give anyone. So try spending time with your children.

Observe: Stay close to your child. Because of this, you will be able to observe them closely. Observation is quite crucial because, at this age, children go through a lot of changes, so you should take good care of them.

Understand: Understand your child, try to change as per the demand, and make your child understand the good things, values, etc. Both of you need to understand each other, but being a parent, it's mainly your responsibility.

Teach self-care: One of the most critical points in this parenting blog is self-care. No outsider can ever teach that to your child, so look after them and teach them the lesson of self-care.

Be patient: Being a teenager, you might get irritated sometimes, but patience is just a phase. Your patience is everything you and your child require at this point in their time.

Self-control: One of the most common parenting questions asked is regarding this. Keep control over yourself, and avoid shouting or punishing your child. Take care of them and make them understand things by talking politely.

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Bottom line

In this parenting blog, you would have traced some of the difficulties of being a teen's parent and received all your answers to the parenting questions that were arising in your mind. Handling a teen child isn't easy; sometimes it gets more complex than handling a newborn but does not panic, relax and understand the phase your child is going through and that things will be at their place in some time.