The IPad Pro 12.9 Case that Architects Swear By

The IPad Pro 12.9 Case that Architects Swear By

If you’re an architect looking for an iPad Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder, we’ve got an expert recommendation that industry professionals can’t get enough.

Let’s say that you need a new case for your 5th generation iPad Pro 12.9, but you work in the architecture industry. The case that you use with your iPad Pro 12.9 can’t just be trendy or stylish. Your iPad Pro 12.9 case needs to be uniquely designed to make it easier to use your device to effectively, easily do your job.

And, we’ve found the case that can help you do just that. Unlike other cases on the market, this product is expertly-crafted for premium durability and, as a plus, is an iPad Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder. It isn’t always easy to find an iPad case that meets your needs -- especially if those needs are specific. And whether you’re in search of a case for your iPad Pro 12.9 or any other model (like an iPad 9.7 case), you deserve the best of the best. Keep reading to find out why we think this case is perfect for anyone and everyone in the architecture industry.

Airflow Vents For Device Cooling

If you’re using your iPad Pro 12.9 for work, it’s likely that you’ll be on it for hours at a time. Devices, no matter whether they’re on for a few minutes or a few hours, generate heat during use. This heat can become trapped inside the case and, without an escape, can cause the temperature of the device to rise considerably. This rise in temperature can cause the device to begin malfunctioning in various ways, often causing lagging and glitching. And, in some cases, the device can become hot enough that the internal metal begins to melt, leading to irreversible damage. With this case, overheating is never a worry. Airflow vents cut into the side of the case ensure that generated heat has a pathway to escape the case before it can negatively affect your device.

10-angle Adjustable Magnetic Stand

As an architect, an adjustable stand isn’t just a want -- it’s a need. But, this case doesn’t offer just one or two angle positions like many other case options. With this case, you can enjoy ten different angle positions, which is almost 4x what many other cases can offer. You won’t ever have to choose between functionality and comfort ever again. The stand on this case is designed to be reliable and is magnetized for a more sturdy hold. Small stoppers on the ends of each leg add extra support, making it difficult for the legs to slip or slide out of place. The firm magnetic hold that is created when the stand is put into place is so reliable secure that you can lift and move the case even while the stand is propped.

Secure magnetic mount capability on any metal surface

Need to use your device hands-free? This case has a magnetic mounting capability that allows it to be securely attached to any metal surface. Common areas for mounting are stainless fridges, cabinets, and magnetic whiteboards -- so, you can find a suitable mounting surface anywhere, from home to office. The magnets are strong enough to provide a secure hold (gravity won’t cause any slipping) but you won’t have a tough time detaching your device from the surface. Simply pull the device towards you until you feel the magnets release. No unnecessary tugging or yanking is required!

Rugged TPU + PC shell for major drop protection

Drop protection should be a big deal to everyone but, especially for an architect, design characteristics are essential. This ipad pro 12.9 case 4th generation is made from two incredibly durable hard plastic materials, thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. These materials are commonly used in the manufacture of bullet-resistant glass and safety equipment due to how resilient the materials are against degradation and damage.

The edges of this device are fitted with thick bumpers that absorb shock during impact. The device’s edges are one of its most sensitive areas and these bumpers add a layer of much-needed protection. The bumpers, in addition to the expert construction of the case, offer your device amazing drop protection and damage prevention.

Auto sleep/wake activation with protective magnetic cover

Having a case that activates the sleep/wake feature on your device is useful in a number of ways. The “sleep” feature on your ipad pro 12.9 case 4th generation helps preserve battery life by putting your device into a lower power level without directly turning it off. It’s common to waste hours of battery life simply by walking away from your powered-on device for too long and forgetting to manually darken the screen. Thankfully, the cover of this case is specially designed (due to magnetization) to activate your device’s built-in sleep/wake feature. Closing the cover of the case will “sleep” the device, turning off the screen in the process. Opening the cover does the opposite -- the screen brightens and returns to its regular power level to make it ready for use.

This cover also serves as screen protection and is thick enough to shield the screen from impact. Debris such as dirt and dust are also less likely to build up on the screen when you use a cover.

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket and wireless Apple Pencil charging compatibility

Many architects use an Apple Pencil to give themselves more functionality as they work and design. Finding storage for your pencil can be tough, especially if you prefer to keep the pencil near you and not in a standalone case. Fortunately, if you have an Apple Pencil and need storage, you can conveniently store your accessory in the elastic pocket on the back of this case. The pocket is snug and provides a secure hold so that you can store your pencil completely worry-free. And, if your pencil is compatible with wireless charging, it can be charged while inside the storage pocket for ultimate convenience.