How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Food Ordering Web Application?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Food Ordering Web Application?

It is quite commonplace these days to find people using the web for getting so many things done.

It is quite commonplace these days to find people using the web for getting so many things done. Millions of people use web and smartphone applications to book movie tickets, fix medical appointments, order grocery items and get food delivered at their offices and homes. In fact, during the peak of the pandemic, when lockdown lingered for several months, people used such apps to order food. With millions switching to working from home mode and people jostling with office and household chores, food delivery apps have come as saviours.

Assessing the cost of developing a food ordering application

Before you can assess the approx cost of developing a food delivery app, some aspects have to be analyzed.

  • The framework / toolset used- A number of frameworks and tools are there for developing web or smartphone applications. The platform chosen can have a direct effect on the app development budget. You may hire a company offering PHP web development services in this regard. There are PHP based frameworks that can be used for developing functional food ordering apps. You may also look for entities offering cross-platform app development services.
  • UI-UX design- The food delivery app you want should have an impressive and visually appealing UI. The user experience should be smooth and pleasant. From transitions to animations, everything should be in sync. The UI design is a part of the cost incurred in app development.
  • Type of developer/agency- The cost of creating a food delivery app also depends on the kind of developer selected. Naturally, you will have to pay more when you hire a veteran app development agency that uses PHP tools and frameworks for getting such apps. Hiring a freelance app developer may be easy on the wallet. However, for developing such apps on short notice, you should hire an agency.
  • Features in the app- To an extent, the app development cost will also depend on the number of features added and used in it. The core features used in such apps include user registration and login, Profile Management, Search & Filtering, payment mode integration, Customer Support, Delivery Tracking, Order History etc. Most such apps offer phone and social media-based login features. When a PHP web application is used, integrating advanced features in such apps becomes easier.
  • Outsourcing vs local hiring- There are thousands of agencies offering app development services, and they offer PHP development services too. However, one thing you have to consider before signing up for these agencies. You can either opt for the services of a regional agency for app development, or you can contact an outsourcing service provider. By opting for the latter, you should be able to keep the app development cost within limits.
  • Support provisions- You can get a food delivery app designed by an agency offering PHP development packages, but that will not be adequate. It is necessary that you find information about the support offered by the developer or agency. If you want multi-channel support that will enhance the experience of app users, but the pocket pinch will be higher. Integrating live chat and social media support will escalate app development costs too.
  • Third-Party Integration- Your food ordering app may require integrating some third party services for enhancing user experience. Doing so can be necessary for implementing features like push notifications, real-time tracking, third-party payment gateways, database connectivity etc. Naturally, integrating these third-party components or modules in your app will drive the cost upwards. Some of the widely used third-party services are Nexmo, Twilio, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Mailchimp, AWS, etc.
  • Testing and security- While developing any web or smartphone app, focusing on security is important. If you hire an agency for app development that performs multiple level tests, the app development cost is likely to be on the higher side. However, this is something you should not overlook.
  • Additional factors- The app development agency may have to perform some polishing and tweaking on your food ordering app for enhancing the ultimate experience, and that can lead to cost escalation. They may have to polish the codes to ensure the app is fast loading one- for example.

The approx cost of Food Ordering app development

The cost of food delivery app development will largely depend on the location of the developer and agency. On average, developing a typical food delivery app may cost you the US $12,000 to the US $25,000. If the app is more sophisticated and integrates other services, the development cost may hover around the US $40,000.

You should also know how much you will have to churn out for getting a food ordering app designed when you hire a freelance app developer. Again, the charges will vary across geographical locations. Hiring a freelancing developer offering services through outsourcing will cost you less. Asian country based developers will charge you less than their US and Europe based counterparts, for sure.

A US-based app developer will charge you around $50- $250 an hour. In European nations, the same charge varies between US$ 30 to 150 an hour. In a country like India, you can hire a developer for as low as US$10 an hour, and veteran developers may charge up to $80 an hour.

It is also important to think of the time required in developing the app. UI/UX design may take 60 Hours, while MVP testing may take 80 hours approx. Bug fixing may need 40 hours. The maximum time is taken up in Back and front end development-which may linger up to 400 Hours. The app development may need more than 3 months overall.

Summing it up

By now, you have got a fair idea of the cost incurred in developing a food ordering app. The location is a major factor affecting the overall cost, and then there are some allied factors too. To keep the cost within limits and get a quality product at the same time, outsourcing app development work to an India based agency is prudent. However, you will have to assess the agency on some key aspects. These include service terms, work samples, clientele, feedback of clients and response type etc.