8 Top Secret Tips to Offshore PHP Development Projects to India

8 Top Secret Tips to Offshore PHP Development Projects to India

There are so many tools and frameworks that are being used by web developers across the world, but PHP continues to be a favorite.

PHP - This Server-side scripting language is what powers a majority of websites and web applications you use on a daily basis. There are PHP-based CMS tools and frameworks that are also used extensively by web development agencies. While PHP web development remains a viable option, choosing the right developers can be crucial for the success of your business website.

Why outsource PHP web development to India?

Thousands of businesses in the UK, the US, and many European nations prefer India to outsource PHP development-related work. This is certainly not without credible reasons.

  • India is where thousands of IT professionals pass out of top universities and institutes with expertise in PHP and allied web development languages and technologies.
  • Indian PHP web development entities are known for the quick delivery of projects.
  • India-based PHP web developers offer high-quality services at wallet-friendly rates.
  • PHP development agencies in India offer feasible service terms for offshore clients and align their services to suit varying time zone requirements.
  • When you outsource PHP application development services to Indian agencies, you can be assured of getting robust support.
  • A majority of Indian PHP developers are good in English and know other foreign languages, and so communication is never a problem.

How to pick the best Indian PHP development agency for outsourcing projects?

There are so many agencies in India that offer PHP development services for clients located in foreign countries. However, you will have to pick the apt contender for your company requirements.

Listed are a few tips using which you would be able to assess these contenders and then select the most fitting one.

  • Check the level of expertise: Before you sign for the services of an Indian company offering PHP application development services, it is necessary that you learn about its expertise level. What kind of PHP developers are on its payroll? Find out if the agency has veteran PHP developers or a mix of new and seasoned developers. This is necessary to figure out its feasibility for your project needs. Some developers are experts in using specific PHP frameworks, while others prefer using PHP-powered tools.
  • Check for allied, necessary skill sets: When you hire a PHP development firm based in India, it is important that you learn about allied services offered by it. While your website will be powered by PHP, using allied technologies and frameworks may also be necessary. You may also require developers with expertise in technologies like JavaScript and CMS, for example. It is good if the agency can fulfill such needs. You can also check for services like SEO.
  • The portfolio matters: This is an absolute no-brainer. Before you sign up for the services of an Indian PHP development agency, checking its work portfolio is absolutely necessary. You have to see the type of PHP web applications and websites created by the agency. Check if these apps and websites are fluid, secured with the latest technologies and UI appeal. Then you would be able to understand if the company will do justice to your web development needs or not.
  • Get facts clear on costs: While Indian-origin PHP development agencies charge far less than what their counterparts in western nations do, you still need to get facts clear on their fees. Typically, these firms charge per hour, but you may also come across a few agencies that offer a quote for the entire project.
  • Learn about the delivery timeline: You may or may not have urgency for getting a PHP website developed. When you hire an Indian PHP development agency for it, ensure you learn the facts about the delivery timeline. Usually, these agencies inform the clients about the deadline or delivery timeline at the beginning.
  • Know the service terms: Before you sign up for the services of an India-based PHP development company, ensure you know its service terms very well. It is not only about cost-related aspects! You have to learn about factors that can prolong the delivery timeline. It is also necessary that you figure out if the agency is in a position to adjust to your preferred time zone. This is absolutely necessary for a collaboration-based project.
  • Learn about support provisions: When you decide to get your brand website developed by an Indian or offshore agency, checking its support option is necessary. When your website develops a snag or gets down owing to any issue, a quick response from the developer is what you will need. So, opt for an outsourcing agency that offers 24x 7 multi-channel support. Typically, these agencies offer support over live chat, email, and phone. However, a few also offer social media tool-based support nowadays.
  • Check for client reviews: Before you hire an Indian PHP development company for creating or revamping your brand website, go through its customer reviews. While the client testimonials are easy to find on the agency website, you should not be content with that alone. Check out its various social media profiles and learn what the clients say about its services and aspects like support, value for money and credibility, etc. Then you can make the right decision.

Hire a freelance PHP developer or an agency

This ultimately depends on your requirement. If you are not in a hurry to get the website or web app developed, hiring an Indian freelancer offering PHP development services can be feasible. There are freelancing PHP developers in India known for their skill and professionalism, and they have worked for high-profile customers. However, there is no alternative to hiring a PHP web development agency with considerable expertise if getting a website developed fast is a need. Such an agency has the required resources and skilled developers to cater to complex project needs.

Ways to find and hire PHP outsourcing agencies in India

You can find suitable Indian PHP development entities catering to offshore clients using these methods:

  • You can use general online search using suitable keywords, including your budget and developer skill level, etc.
  • You can use some of the popular professional networking platforms to find these entities.
  • Lastly, you can rely on professional references to hire such agencies.

Summing it up

Hiring the Indian PHP development agencies can be advantageous for a company located in another country. You can save money, get a functional, secure website developed in a short time, and expect solid support afterward. However, do not hurry in hiring such an agency. Ideally, you should keep some time for assessing these contenders and evaluate them using the key metrics. This will make selecting the right PHP outsourcing service provider easier.