Magnesium the Magnificent

Magnesium the Magnificent

The most important mineral in you body, yet most people are not aware of how vital it is for life.

Magnesium is the most important mineral in your body.

This article is meant to provide just a bit of information about magnesium and how truly magnificent it is. It is also my hope that this gives you a starting point into reclaiming your own and your family's health.

Why is magnesium so important, you ask?
Magnesium is needed for over 350 bio-chemical reactions in the body.
It is also the most regulated mineral in your blood stream, as it is needed for proper heart function. The highest concentration of magnesium in the circulatory system is in the left ventricle of the heart. The body will pull magnesium from everywhere else in the body to maintain blood levels, as failure to do so could result in heart attack. Basically this Magnificent mineral is essential for life, yet its estimated that more than 80% of North Americans are deficient.

I eat a healthy diet, how can I be deficient?
Magnesium absorption is mostly dependent on digestive health.
By the age of 5, most children's beneficial gut microbiome has been reduced to 50% of where it needs to be for proper break down and digestion of food, which is due to overuse of antibiotics, pesticides, and other environmental toxins/chemicals. So by the time adulthood is reached the digestive system is really limping along. It is our digestive system's responsibility to break down the minerals in our food into an ionic form for absorption through the mitochondria into our cells. Magnesium and other nutrients are simply not in our foods at the levels they used to be due to soil depletion, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified foods, pesticides, and the over processing of foods.

It is also suggested that Vitamin D and magnesium have a symbiotic role in absorption, with each helping absorption of each other.

How do I know if my magnesium level is low? Will a blood test tell me?
A blood test will rarely tell you that your levels are low. This is because the body always tries to maintain a certain range in the blood and only 1% of magnesium is stored in the blood. For a more accurate reading a Magnesium RBC (Red Blood Cell) test is recommended. There is also an even more accurate tests called Sublingual Epithelial Cell Magnesium Test.
60% of today's chronic health issues can be attributed to low levels of magnesium. Here are some of the common symptoms of low magnesium levels.

Symptoms of Low Magnesium Levels :                                                     .
Sleep disorders Insomnia Fatigue
Anxiety High blood pressure Depression
Tensions in the body PMS Kidney stones
Bone spurs Osteoporosis Muscle cramps
Irregular heart beat Backache Headaches
Irritability Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cardiovascular Nutritional Deficiency
Constipation Lack of mental acuity accelerated aging
Eye and facial tics Tourette's Syndrome Diabetes
ADD ADHD Restless leg syndrome

It should be pointed out that the Normal range is based on a population wherein 80% of population is magnesium deficient.

A lot of people report that when they take a magnesium supplement it gives them loose bowels, which is OK for those who have constipation issues, for others though, this can be a problem. When magnesium causes a laxative effect it is actually a sign of low absorption levels. Basically, whatever is not absorbed goes through and relaxes the bowels. Different forms of magnesium are, oxide, citrate, amino acid chelate, orotate, chloride, lactate, sulfate, and carbonate and all have fairly low levels of absorption. There is a new class of nano-particle magnesium supplements that are usually referred to as Ionic. Liquid Ionic supplements are considered superior as they are already in the form the body needs and uses, and bypass any absorption issues. Ionic Magnesium starts absorbing as soon as you put it in your mouth (sublingually), and because of it's 100% absorption rate the laxative effect is no longer an issue, though you may find your digestive system and other systems start to function better as your magnesium levels start to increase.

Magnesium, Ionic Magnesium

Ionic Magnesium

Allen Christison, Innotech Nutrition, Bio-frequency Consulting

Here at Imagine Laserworks we carry Liquid Ionic magnesium as we believe it to be the most beneficial form we can offer our clients. Here is a great video with Dr. Carolyn Dean who wrote "The Magnesium Miracle" The video is a little lengthy, however, very informative, and your health and your family's is worth the time spent.

Dr. Mercola & Dr. Carolyn Dean