All You Need to Know about Engineering Journals!

All You Need to Know about Engineering Journals!

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Engineering Journals

They are also called Journal of Engineering and are open access Journals, which publishes original research articles and review articles in various fields of Engineering.

Focus Areas in an Engineering Journal

The best journals in engineering, include Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and many more are the key focus areas.

Some of the journals in the field of Computer Science, include IEEE-ACM Transactions on Network, IBM Journal on Research and development, ACM Transaction on Graphics, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. There are many IEEE Transactions in various fields like: Communication, Software Engineering, Information theory, IEEE Communications Magazine, Computer-Aided Design etc.

However, there are other good journals which specialize in fields such as Civil Engineering, Applied Energy (Published by Elsevier Ltd., Country - UK), Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Springer Verlag, Germany), Building and Environment (Elsevier Ltd., UK), and Structural Safety (Elsevier BV, The Netherlands).

International Journal of Scientific Research

International Journal of Scientific Research (JSR) is a double-reviewed and peer-reviewed journal, which is printed monthly and accepts all kinds of exclusive research work in Medical Science, Academicians, Residents and Professors in their respective medical fields. Released on the first of every month, the main aim of the journal is to propagate high quality research work in the form of Original Research Papers, Case Reports and many more for the medical fraternity. The papers are of very good quality and is accepted by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and other authorities around the world.


All other engineering fields also publish journals focusing on their specialization. Hence, to have a successful academic career, having a research paper published in a Journal of the respective field is highly important.