Not sure of how to select the right Journal? Here’s everything you need to know!

Not sure of how to select the right Journal? Here’s everything you need to know!

The best opportunity to publish your papers with one of the best international journal IJRASET.

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Having the research paper published in a top journal is a very big challenge to every researcher and Scientist. But it is considered easy for a good researcher! Read further to know how.

Important skills to submit a good Research Paper

Publishing research outcomes in top journal sis very important for anyone to have good writing skills, patience and hard work. Selecting the best journal for publishing research paper involves lot of research, you must study about all research papers before deciding on a good one.

How to select the right Journal?

Good Journals belong to highly accredited societies and good publishers. While submitting a research paper focused on a specific field, you can submit to the Journals of IEEE, Springer, ACM and similar ones. The most important criteria are to identify journals indexed by the Science Citation Index. Tools like Country Ranking(SJR) and SC Imago Journal can be utilized to get a list of journals with identical scope of Publication. Factors like Review Speed, Impact Factors ad Open Access Fee from publishers like IEEE, Else, Francis and other publishers should be reviewed before submitting the paper. Pick the right Journal, check if the article is within the scope of the Submitting Journal. Also, check if the Editorial Board pertain to the research area that the paper focuses. Verify the recent issues of articles to ensure if the article resembles an existing published topic with similar quality and impact.

International journal of engineering technology(IJET)

International Journal of Engineering Technology (IJET) is free to read and download, and is a reviewed journal focusing on theories, methods, and application in Engineering and Technology. International Journal of Engineering and Technology publishes original research articles and technical notes.


Hence selecting a right journal to submit the research paper is very important for reaching the right set of people who are relevant and interested in the field.