Every Woman Needs a Vagina Coach

Every Woman Needs a Vagina Coach

Breaking through taboos will redefine how we think about our pelvic floor health so we can overcome the challenges and regain our control and power!

Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach

Working in the fitness industry and knowing the issues her mom had with pregnancy, when it was time for Kim to start a family, she took a proactive approach and educated herself on how to prepare the body birth and ensure an optimal recovery.

Kim has become a trusted partner of childbirth professionals, physiotherapists, and physicians across the country and is committed to providing quality products and services that prevent and help heal core dysfunction.

Pregnancy is an incredible time in your life! It’s also a time when your core and pelvic floor go through a lot of changes: shifting, stretching, moving… not to mention carrying around a growing baby.

Knowing how to support your body during these changes can help you navigate these changes to an easier birth, faster recovery, and a smooth transition into motherhood.

Kim says, “I’m on a mission to educate women while they are still pregnant (even BEFORE they are pregnant) so they are informed and can prepare with a preventive mindset and not be left saying ‘why didn’t anyone tell me about this before I was pregnant?

Pelvienne Wellness, Kim Vopni, Vagina Coach

Vagina Coach

Kim has personal experience as a mother of 2 boys and professional experience and education she has gained over the past 20 years. She is a personal trainer who also trained as a doula and has taken many certifications that specialize in pregnancy, postpartum recovery and women’s health.

Prepare to Push Program™

Kim created the Prepare to Push™ program so women were better informed on how to best prepare and recover from pregnancy and birth. The program is a holistic mind-body approach to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing. A life-changing program that will shed a whole new light on the way you think about your pelvic health.

Kegel Mojo Program

Women are often told to ‘do your kegels’ but given little to no direction on how to do them or how to make them functional. This program is for women at any stage of life, having been pregnant or not, who are dealing with challenges like incontinence, organ prolapse, low back pain and diastasis recti. Education, Exercise and Workouts – everything you need to up the ante on your pelvic floor exercise!

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