Releasing Negative Emotions

Releasing Negative Emotions

Using visulization techniques to release negative emotions

A few years back June Summer Solstice coincided with the full moon making it a powerful time to release all our negative beliefs to make room for what is good for us. I planned to hold a special meditation session for this release. I usually sit down and write my own script for the meditation and tune in to what comes up intutively when I sit down to write.

Emotions Burried in the Unconsious

When I began to write down my meditation script I got deeply absorbed in releasing my own negative emotions some of which I was not even aware that existed. This made me realize that we all seem to hold on to certain negative emotions or energies that we don’t even know about. Only when we decide to do these meditative releases, do they suddenly crop up. The release makes you feel so much lighter. We always think of those negative emotions that we are consciously aware of. But what about those deep down in the subconscious that have been buried long ago and we seem to have forgotten about it, at least consciously forgotten. They are still lurking behind and stopping us from being fully happy with our lives. When we start doing the meditative release, they come up and only then, can we release them. Huge releases are great and everyone knows that it feels good to get rid of them but I had underestimated the power of releasing those tiny ones. What a tremendous feeling! I do not have words to describe it. The only way I can say it, is it somehow made me feel light and felt like I was smiling from inside my heart. Content, with a sense of joy.

What Part Does Full Moon Play?

That evening after the group meditation I went to the lake front and sat in awe watching the beautiful moon. That’s where I took this picture. The beauty of it held me spell bound. There were so many thoughts that went through me which could probably be material for my next blogs. For now let’s just focus on releasing negativity from within us and filling ourselves with love and light. And yes, while sitting in awe of the full moon I did meditate and had more releases. Full moon is the best time for these releases. And new moon ihas the right energies for visualizing new beginigs and manifestation. I am no astrologer but my friends who are have always told me this. The energies of a full moon help to remove the the energies that do not serve us but we must make an effort to want to release.

Visualization Techniques

We can all do this using visualization techniques that work for us. Make up your own. You can start relaxing you body from top to bottom by paying attention to each part and visualizing that you are breathing positive energy into each part as you inhale. Once you are all relaxed just think of any thought that bothers you. Dont spend time searching for a thought. Just go with whatever comes up first even if that feels insignificant. If it came up, it is significant for your subconscious. Now imagine the positive energy that you breathe in clears it and as you exhale, picture it leaving your body in the form of grey smoke. Then move on to another thought bothering you. May be do three or four such releases and then slowly bring yourself back to the present moment, enjoying the release and feeling lighter. This is just an idea. You can make up your own visualization for release.  Take a few minutes every night to do this visualization and release whatever negativity comes up. I am sure you will have a much better and peaceful sleep. Do try it.

I would love to hear from you about your experience doing the release. I am happy to help you through the visualization. Just call or email and we can discuss how it can work for you or join the monthly group meditation with me.