What Does Your Belief Make You?

What Does Your Belief Make You?

Scientific proof that your beliefs can change your DNA.

Your Beliefs Affect your Well-being

Everyone one follows some belief. A belief can be big or small, it can be cultural, religious, a family belief or a belief formulated through experiences or media. Whatever the belief, it governs your behaviour. Look closely at your belief and see if it is serving you or limiting you? Is it good for all or only a few? Does it help make things better or worse? How is it unfolding in your reality? Is it affecting your health? Is it fixating you in a place of ill health from where, in your mind there is no escape? Let me open your mind to the fact that your belief can actually affect your DNA and changing your belief can actually change your DNA over time. Hard to believe, right?

Can you really change your DNA?

There is now scientific proof available showing that environmental factors such as your belief systems can change the protein make-up of your DNA. Let’s look at a person A, who has a history of Diabetes in the family where his father, grandfather, great-grandfather and uncles have all suffered from it. This person now believes that it is inevitable that he will get it too. Genetically he is predisposed to getting it. That’s his belief and so he does get it. Now, there is person B with exactly same disposition but he believes that though his family members had diabetes it does not mean that he will get it. He believes that his lifestyle is much healthier so he is not prone to it. By having this belief the protein makeup of his DNA changes and he is no longer predisposed to getting that illness. If you want to find out details on how this actually works, please read the book Biology of Beliefs by Bruce Lipton who is a biologist and has done research over how our DNA react and change with our beliefs. It is extremely interesting and perfect for those scientific minded individuals who feel they need proof for everything. Now that we know that our beliefs affect our DNA, how do we make sure that they are in line with our optimum wellness?

How do we make it work for us?

We know that our beliefs reside in our subconscious and our subconscious governs 90% of our behavior. Therefore, to change our belief systems to work positively for us, we need to tap into our subconscious. This can be easily achieved through hypnotic trance state. When we are conscious, we keep analysing and logically applying reasons why the belief is valid. Whereas, in a trance state, the conscious is not interfering and we can have direct access to the subconscious. We are then able to change the belief that does not serve us to a belief that can be beneficial for our well-being. At Holistic Life Solutions, we can help you do just that.

I urge you to take a few minutes to observe your belief systems closely on various topics and question if that belief works for our greater good and the greater good of all or does it create issues for us. Now look at the belief systems of people in general all around the world. Are the belief systems helping general mankind? How is this serving us? Is that belief creating the issues we are facing in the world today? How is that belief showing up in our behaviour? Is it helping or harming? Take a few minutes to check on your beliefs and analyse what your behaviour is, in its response and if necessary, make changes. Every drop creates an ocean. Make yours a positive drop. Acknowledging is the first step towards improvement and positive change. True, your beliefs don’t make you a better person. Your behaviour does. And your behaviour is governed by your beliefs.

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