5 Benefits of Outsourcing the Woodwork Shop Drawings

5 Benefits of Outsourcing the Woodwork Shop Drawings

Outsourcing woodwork drafting can be a very good option and a huge success for woodshops, contractors, and woodworkers.

Woodwork is a detail-oriented art as it has a range of design aspects like type of wood, joinery, carving, operation, and utility, and more. Its success depends on the woodwork shop drawings that are initially created for sharing design intent from design teams to manufacturing teams.

To develop high-quality woodwork shop drawings one needs specialized skills in CAD platforms. One also needs a deep understanding of the woodwork industry to be able to ask the right questions and incorporate relevant details in the shop drawings. To meet these needs, outsourcing woodwork drafting can be a very good option and a huge success for woodshops, contractors, and woodworkers.

Importance of woodwork shop drawings

As the name suggests, woodwork shop drawings, ensure seamless operations during manufacturing. They convey the exact design intent with instructions for shop floor professionals. They are often accompanied by other documents like BOMs, installation guides, assembly manuals, etc.

Other details such as orientation, spacing, dimensioning, geometry, manufacturing concerns, and machine tolerance, etc. are mentioned in the shop drawings. Thus, it is clear that a shop drawing will be highly customized with changing wood type, final products and their applications, and varying manufacturing method.

Challenges in developing woodwork shop drawings

Woodwork brings several stakeholders together and hence there are multiple levels of approvals between initial design development and manufacturing. This is a critical task unless there is one single document with all project details.

Another important aspect is the drawing standards followed. Usually, in-house teams are not well-versed in creating drawings as all standards are different. They might be aware of some specific rules and international practices. Thus, it becomes a challenge if your project demands to adhere to a region-specific standard.

Meeting creativity with engineering principles is another major roadblock. Commercial woodwork, residential, industrial, and others are completely different from one another. And adding creativity to meet aesthetical needs is a task for in-house drafters as they have to deliver drafting as well as meet innovation needs.

An outsourcing drafting service provider with a proficient team of woodwork shop drawings can help overcome these challenges at cost-effective rates.

Benefits of outsourcing woodwork shop drawings and drafting

1. Access to relevant skills

As said, woodwork shop drawings are bespoke and need to be developed as per the standards of the region. For example, in the UK, they follow their systems of standards, while in the USA, they have AWI. However, due to the widespread popularity of AWI, many UK-based woodworkers have also adopted it.

An outsourcing firm’s CAD drafting teams have deep domain expertise and hands-on experience of working on multiple different projects making them the perfect fit. They understand the exact expectation of architects and help collaborate better with manufacturers.

2. Cost-conscious solutions

Ideally, when companies decide to have in-house team leaders for woodwork CAD design and drafting, their attention is divided into drafting development and core designing. It quality of the entire millwork project get compromised of shop drawings and the costs of the project also rises.

Outsourcing has proved to be beneficial to almost every industry and woodworking is no different. Offshore woodwork CAD drafting companies have a variety of engagement modules to suit your project and budget. They engage with you on an hourly basis or a man-month based on the project length. Also, they offer an initial pilot project to align their practices with you and gauge your expectation.

3. Dedicated team

By offshoring drafting work, you have a dedicated team of CAD drafters specializing in CAD platforms like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Creo, or Inventor. They ensure to meet the timelines of the projects as agreed upon. If they fail to, compensations are paid by them. Thus, with a dedicated team like this, you not only have quality drafting but also meet milestones on time and, in turn, deliver better services to your clients.

Secondly, woodwork shop drawings are developed from architectural floor plans. So a dedicated team with relevant experience can detect errors early and remove them to help you save from heavy mistakes and hence costs. If needed, they can also accommodate revisions and help communicate intricate details.

4. Scalable teams

Outsource CAD drafting companies have engagement models that offer the flexibility of CAD drafters. So they have backup resources more than those who are assigned to so. So if needed, they can supply more resources and help finish your projects on time. At the same time, if the work influx decreases, they take out some resources if needed. This means that your shop can take up as many projects as you want without worrying about the resources or work management.

Easy ramp up and ramp down of resources is an important aspect of the woodwork as most woodwork contracts are won after your bid is approved. Ideally, woodworking contractors bid for projects and if their quote is liked by the client, contractor’s woodwork shop gets the project. Thus the work influx is never constant.

5. Bespoke services

As offshore CAD drafting companies have experience in working with clients across the globe, they can communicate easily to meet and exceed your expectations. Owing to their variety of work, they can easily manage to create specific woodwork shop drawings for residential projects, hospitality, industrial, luxury resorts, universities, and more.

Furthermore, as far as deliverables are concerned, they can create various file forms like .dwg, DXF, TIFF, PDF, and more. Thus you can remove file and data sharing barriers and have seamless collaboration between teams.


All woodwork drafting projects need accuracy and precision in creating shop drawings because they are custom built and have a variety of components. Indoor components such as doors, trims, windows, moldings, cabinets, etc. have to look eye-pleasing and thus the shop drawings need a high level of detail.

Aligning your CAD drafting team with your shop capabilities and understanding the exact need of the designer and architect and close collaboration with the manufacturer are the keys to woodworking success. An outsourcing CAD drafting team has all these qualities.

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About the Author:

Usha B. Trivedi is an engineer and she contributes in-depth articles for mechanical and industrial equipment designs, furniture designs, and the fabrication sector. Her contributions are primarily focused on enabling engineering professionals, furniture manufacturers, and fabricators to optimize design outcomes through CAD and CAE tools.