Keto Diet Disadvantages

Keto Diet Disadvantages

According to Harvard Medical School, the keto diet is not safe to follow for a long time.

Keto diet involves consuming high fat foods. Apart from this, high fat fruits can also be consumed. But if you talk about its macro, then 50 gm or less carbs are consumed per day.

According to Harvard Medical School, the keto diet is not safe to follow for a long time. The ratio of protein, carb and fat in this is as follows.

Fat: 70 percent

Protein: 25 percent

Carbs: 5 percent

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Following are the benefits of keto diet. like, helpful in reducing weight, improve cholesterol level, Can give relief from type-2 diabetes, and more.

But there may also be some side effects of following it. Therefore, after knowing about their disadvantages and benefits, keto diet should be followed only with the advice of an expert. Let us know about the Keto Diet Disadvantages.

According to research published in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers at National Jewish Health concluded that the keto diet helps with short-term weight loss. It is clear from some evidence that it can have a wrong effect on cardiovascular health.

It is recommended to consume such things in this diet, which can increase heart risk. Researchers said in the report that the consumption of fat in the keto diet can be dangerous for the heart.

Some research also says that the keto diet causes stiffness in the arteries. Health experts consider this diet to be the cause of heart disease.

Some athletes follow ketogenic diets to reduce weight as well as improve performance. Edward Weiss, PhD, associate professor of nutrition and dietetics at St. Louis University, disagrees. He says that being on a keto diet reduces performance.

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According to a study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, Weiss and colleagues found that participants performed poorly after four days of high-intensity cycling and a ketogenic diet.

At the same time, people living on high carb diet performed well. In fact, when the body is in ketosis, the body remains in a more acidic state, which limits its ability to perform at peak levels.

According to health experts, keto diet should not be followed for a long time. Staying on it is good for 30 to 90 days only. After this it is better to stay on a balance diet.

The big problem with the keto diet is that most people start gaining weight after quitting the diet, because they start consuming carbs. That's why many people try to lose weight with a balance diet instead of a keto diet. The weight reduced by this is permanent.

One of the reasons for quick weight loss from keto diet is that it causes a lot of damage to the muscles. Along with burning fat, it also burns muscle mass. This makes you thin quickly.

If you are eating a lot of fat instead of protein, then this diet will reduce weight. But a significant part of the total lost weight will also be from muscles, because muscle burns more calories than fat.

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When a person comes off a ketogenic diet, he regains most of his original weight. But it has more fat gain than lean muscles.

If you are also thinking of following it, then first follow it after consulting an expert. Change your lifestyle instead of keto diet to lose weight.