Top tips to plan an off-beat cottage wedding in Muskoka

Top tips to plan an off-beat cottage wedding in Muskoka

Everyone wants to be their wedding day special and memorable. What else is better than the majestic beauty of Muskoka to plan a destination wedding. The wedding venues in Muskoka can offer a unique twist to your D-Day. If you want to celebrate the most unforgettable day of your life at a cottage style wedding, then you have landed at the right place. It’s time to turn those cottage wedding inspirations, you found online, into a reality.

Why choose Muskoka as a wedding destination?

Muskoka waterfront locations are great options to have a lakeside ceremony. The pleasant weather of this town could also make your celebration a truly memorable one. Couples looking for stunning locations for Ontario destination wedding must choose Muskoka for the amenities, dramatic wedding photo backdrops and price range. This town is amazingly beautiful and has become the most popular destination wedding location in Canada because of the affordable options. So if you are looking for a cottage country to take the vows, Muskoka should be the best choice.

What are the tips for a successful Muskoka Wedding?

1.Take few savvy decisions: Allow your senses to navigate the decision on finding the perfect wedding venue. You may find a match at one of the affordable yet majestic wedding venues Muskoka. Booking a place during the off-peak season would make the wedding light on your wallet too. Setting up a budget would be a great start to consider the venue options. Leave some room for any last moment additional expenses and then make the final decision. Muskoka has many cottage resorts which are affordable and suitable for cottage style wedding ceremonies and receptions.

2.Don’t hesitate to get the assistance: Couples often think that hiring a wedding planner would be enough to plan the entire thing. It’s good for the sake of your sanity, however, experts recommend that for a successful destination wedding, couples must consider booking a full service resort. With their in-house service, you can be assured that everything will fall in place from the accommodation, catering, décor, entertainment and certain other referrals.

3.Plan some adventure trips for your guests: Gone are the days when weddings were all about food and décor. Couples these days choose destination weddings because they want to add a flair of excitement to the entire celebration. The picturesque locations at the waterfront wedding venues in Muskoka would offer you the best of both worlds. It is the absolute perfect place to have a cottage wedding ceremony where the guests can also rejuvenate in certain activities like beach volleyball, barbeque, bonfire, boating and fishing.

Bottom line

Your big day has to be a wonderful time. The sandy stretches in Muskoka can be the perfect idea for sunsets and wedding ceremonies. If you are interested, you can consider Hidden Valley Resort which is one of the most preferred wedding venues in Muskoka. They have trained staff and first class guest amenities to craft your entire wedding experience.

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