Despite the fact that football in Brazil began to be played at the beginning of the 20th century, no official national championships were held here until 1971.

In Brazil, the state championships are highly developed, so no one was much puzzled by the fact that there is no single club tournament in the country. At first, the Brazilian Palpites premier league  was created so that the teams in the fight could identify the participants of the Copa Libertadores.

The logo of the Brazilian Palpites premier league

In the first 20-30 years, the championship changed its format almost every year, and its participants quarreled with each other, but in the end, in 2003, everyone agreed that the tournament should be held according to a two-round system. In 2010, the Brazilian Football Confederation decided to consider the Brazilian Cup, which was held from 1959 to 1968, and the Roberto Cup (1967-1970) as the Brazilian championship. All the champions of these tournaments are considered full champions of Brazil.

Now in the ranking of the FIFA national championships, the Brazilian Palpites premier league is on the 6th place, bypassing even the English Premier League in the table. In the western hemisphere, the Brazilian championship is second only to the Argentine championship. Brazilian teams have won the Copa Libertadores 17 times.

The most titled teams of the tournament:

Santos and Palmeiras – 8 wins each

Sao Paulo, Corinthians and Flamengo – 6 wins each

Tournament format

Not very emotional Brazilians

Now the Brazilian Palpites premier league is held according to a simple scheme,

the same as in the Premier League or La Liga. 20 teams play in 2 rounds, and in total each team plays 38 matches per season. The championship is held from mid-May to mid-December.

At the end of the season, the 3 first places of Palpites premier league qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores,

and the team that took the fourth place enters the tournament from the qualifying matches. Another place in the Copa Libertadores is given to the winner of the Brazilian Cup. Also, the teams that took places in the standings from 5th to 12th can compete in the South American Cup (a prototype of the European Europa League). The last 4 teams of the standings leave Palpites premier league, the best teams of the Brazilian Serie B come in their place next season.


Features of betting on the Brazilian Championship

After the end of the regular season, the teams go on a two-month break, and then they play in the Brazilian State championships for 2 months.

It is best to start learning commands from this moment. The teams take a very responsible approach to these tournaments, and in some states there are several winners of the Copa Libertadores at once. For example, in the Paulista League, the world-famous Palmeiras, Santos, Sao Paulo and Corinthians are fighting.

The Brazilian championship is characterized by a strong difference in class between the teams of the leading group and the teams that are fighting for survival.

The number of points scored by the champion can be 2.5-3.5 times higher than the number of points scored by the last team in the standings.

On the other hand, there is always a hard struggle at the top of the table, since as many as 12 clubs can qualify for international cups.

In general, it is rare for Brazilian teams to pass the tournament distance of the Palpites premier league exactly. Even champions usually have at least 5-6 defeats per season. At the same time, most teams show good results at home, while some clubs score only 5-10 points per season on the road. Even in the last round of the current Series, the home teams won 8 out of 10 meetings.

As for statistics, in Palpites premier league, the hosts win in about half of the meetings,

whereas guests are only in every fourth meeting. On average, about 2.5 goals are scored per game in Brazil, but if the hosts score 1.5 goals, then the guests only 1. Most often, the hosts win with a score of 1:0 (approximately in every 7 meetings) is recorded in the tournament.

Another feature of Brazilian football is the rough and emotional game of football players.

Over the past 12 rounds of the current Palpites premier league season, only 1 red card was recorded in two rounds, in the remaining rounds their number varied from 2 to 7.

Bets on the winner of the Brazilian Championship

Usually, the champion in Brazil is determined several rounds before the end of the season.

In the last tournament, Corinthians overtook its pursuer by 12 points, before that, Cruzeiro won twice in a row, also bypassing the second place by 10 and 11 points, respectively.

Few bookmakers accept bets on the results of the Brazilian Palpites premier league,

but we found such a betting market in the line. As you can see, after 12 rounds, at least 7 teams have a good chance of winning the championship. This once again indicates a tight competition at the top of the table.


Usually bookmakers have a margin of 5-6% for matches of the Brazilian Palpites premier league. This is quite a lot, but there are coefficient comparison services where you can find quotes with almost zero margin. At the same time, the bookmakers ' list for the Series A matches is quite satisfactory.

Betting on the Brazilian championship is complicated by the fact that there is very little information about the tournaments in Russian-language sources. To find insider information, you need to study Brazilian resources, and for this you need to either know Portuguese well or skillfully use online translators.