Top‌ ‌Arcade‌ ‌Game‌ ‌Manufacturers‌

Top‌ ‌Arcade‌ ‌Game‌ ‌Manufacturers‌
about 2 months ago

Arcade games are really famous for quite a long time now.

All those people who are into gaming would probably know about all famous manufacturers that made these well-recognized games for the sake of their fun and entertainment. We have gathered a small list for all game lovers and newbies so they would be able to know what are the top arcade game creators out there in the market who have earned their name in the gaming field. Those who are thinking about buying a classic arcade game can also be able to make the most out of this information because by reading it they would know which came producers are the best ones and which one we should go for. Just have a look at the information and choose the one that suits you the best.

Following are the top arcade game manufacturers here for you:

Atari Games

For a long span of time, Atari was famous and considered as a giant in the area of cocktail arcade games machines. They used to make video games that got really popular and in-built their name into the gaming culture of the 80s. All the kids out there from 80’s would probably know what I am talking about. The firm was divided in two in the year 1984, the arcade division becoming Atari Games; labels to wave the well-known Fuji logo that contains: Centipede, Asteroids, Playboy, Gauntlet, Area 51, San Francisco Rush, among numerous others. The company was closed in the year 2001 the time when their holders at the time of Midway left the trade of coin-op.


This was another popular creative arcade game manufacture company that was loved by many people. It was famous in the era of 1980’s with the titles such as Gradius, Frogger, Track & Field, Contra and constructing iconic beat ‘em ups including TMNT & The Simpsons. If you have never tried their games yet, then go for it as we assure you that would be one of the best ever gaming experience you could miss otherwise.


This amazing game was begun by cloning Atari’s Pong but the arcade game that highlights those types of games was Space Invaders. After that, everyone was up for playing and paying attention to Japanese creators. Taito has also got popular titles such as Bubble Bobble, Rastan, Qix, Darius, Arkanoid, and numerus others. They were purchased by Square Enix in the year 2006 and have since restricted their latest arcade releases to most probably one or two titles per year. One of the latest one of which is a fresh Densha De Go! is known as a train emulator that can be gotten only in Japan.

Stern Pinball

After Bally departed the trade of pinball to design slot machines, Stern was known as the last pinball creator in the world till competitors started coming into surface in the year 2012. They stress in making licensed designs off of famous TV shows, movies, or rock bands and start 3 or 4 games for every year.