3 Ways to Beat Blue Monday

3 Ways to Beat Blue Monday
over 3 years ago

Monday, January 16 is considered to be the most depressing day of the year. Tips to help you fight back today and beat the blues.

Today is called the most depressing day of the year. The middle of January does have its gloomy moments but it does not have to bring you down. Depression is often used as a common everyday word to describe emotions such as disappointment, sadness, frustration and sometimes lethargy. Clinical depression is more than just a feeling as it is a collection of events, behaviours and feelings that are intense and last longer than two weeks. People who are depressed tend to think of themselves in a negative way and dwell on how bad they feel. They often have a sense of guilt which is demonstrated by blaming themselves for everything which results in a lower self-esteem and self-confidence.

How do you prevent depression from taking hold?

Blue Monday is a great day to start developing habits that help prevent or reverse depression. Let’s start with doing something fun. Call up your best friend, your spouse, get your kids and do something you enjoy this evening. It could be hanging out, playing a game, watching your favourite movie or taking a walk. By being social tonight it will help increase your oxytocin which decreases depression.

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While you’re waiting for the fun to begin today you can start activating your endorphins by doing a little physical activity. I don’t like this one either but it is amazing what 15 minutes of doing exercise can change your perspective and fight the symptoms of depression. Don’t let the word exercise overwhelm you. It does not have to be a trip to the gym, it can be a simple walk around the block, run in place for a few minutes, bounce on an exercise ball, do wall push-ups, or walk up a flight of stairs a few times. Think outside the box and do a little bit more physically today.

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We have conquered the social and the physical so that last way to beat Blue Monday is infuse a little positive thought into our day. Pause for a moment today and think of something you are grateful for, proud of or let your mind wonder to something that makes you smile. Switching your thoughts for a few minutes will give your brain a little relaxing break and stop negative thoughts from forming for a bit.

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Let’s beat back Blue Monday and have some fun today, even if it is Monday!