The Beauty of You

The Beauty of You
over 3 years ago

Depression and anxiety are elevated in January. Take a moment to fight it off by focusing on your own beauty.

Last week I was driving by a scene of what is pure Ontario winter. Snow covered ground, gray thick clouds and bare trees. I did not take a picture but I’m posting one that is similar. It struck me that we are in the gray days of winter. This time of year, it is easy to see the gloom of the winter and focus on that. That's how it is with mental health. We become ensnared by the negativity of depression and the worry of anxiety and forget that there is another way to look at things.

depression, anxiety

What I also saw in that moment was beauty. The starkness of the land and the tiniest of light coming around the clouds made the scene have a less threatening look. When I paused to focus on those things it turned it from a gloomy landscape to watching nature in its glory.

depression, anxiety, beauty

How often is life like that? What you are going through is gray and dark, it threatens you. As you focus on it, it becomes overwhelming and consuming. It is often hard to see anything different. Even in that moment, there is still beauty in you. Whatever you are going through, take a moment to change the focus to see what is wonderful around you. Think of something you are grateful for, proud of or gave you a moment of joy and then allow yourself to let the light break through some of those clouds.

When the clouds are too thick and you can not see anything different, it is time to reach out to someone so they can help you see your beauty.  If you need help breaking out the gray please call us at 226-476-3203 and visit our site here.