That's just the way marriage is...

That's just the way marriage is...
over 3 years ago

3 Benefits of a healthy marriage.

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I was talking with a newlywed a few weeks ago and they were telling me how excited they were about being married but when they had the same excitement with their friends, their friends would answer with, just wait it will change, that’s just the way marriage is.

I hear variations of this statement. Arguing with your spouse is just the way marriage is. Wives always… its just the way it is. Husbands always… its just the way it is. It is always in a negative connotation which can only destroy, cut down and demoralize you. Those phrases are normally grounded in hurt instead of truth.

What is the truth about marriage according to research?

Being married generates more income and wealth

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Marriage provides stability and encourages healthy productive behaviours which result in financial growth. Studies have show that married men who have the similar education and experience as their single counterparts, are more productive and make more money.

Married people have better sex.

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Imagine that, the media has been lying to us about that you must be single with multiple partners to have great sex. The truth is that married people report more emotional satisfaction, physical pleasure and experience a greater frequency of sexual encounters than their single or cohabiting counterparts.

Married people live longer

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We’ve all heard the joke, married people don’t live longer its just it seems longer. That is not true. Married people report less stress, and are less likely to develop heart disease and more likely to detect the early signs of life threatening diseases which results in better health overall. This ends up resulting in a longer life. Amazingly new research also shows that married people do not only live longer than single people but also cohabiting people.

Marriage is a beautiful and strengthening bond in which both partners can benefit from. A place of comfort and where you and your partner feel valued and appreciated. If you need help with finding the peace and joy in your marriage, reach out. You are worth having a healthy marriage because that’s just the way it is.