All you need to know about the popularity of We Chat in China

All you need to know about the popularity of We Chat in China

Moving to McDonald's in Paris, New York or anywhere else in the world is generally a similar adventure: you buy a menu, cover it and eat it.

Moving to McDonald's in Paris, New York or anywhere else in the world is generally a similar adventure: you buy a menu, cover it and eat it. Aside from some flavours that aren't quite similar to the typical ones, the best way to protect it is entirely different. From the Asian giant, practically no one uses plastic. How can they cover themselves? Together with a mobile phone, of course. However, maybe not with accessories like NFC, stickers on the back of the phone or something similar. The most helpful instrument is YouTube We Chat Pay, a program with which you need to enter information about a charge card to pay and receive a certain amount. The payment process is relatively easy. Every time someone goes to a restaurant takes the phone, opens the program and, using a QR reader, even in one second, a specific amount is settled without commission, as well as this tiring minute of moving down to the last penny. Or you were fumbling with countless cards. China is a country where the use of the network is restricted. Therefore you cannot access social networks such as Facebook.

Nevertheless, this is not a problem for taxpayers because of WeChat, a "program" growing by leaps and bounds. WeChat, a messaging service that combines the features of their very successful Western platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or even Instagram, could become a threat to its rivals in the social networking realm. Along with some of the facilities provided by We Chat, this program is undoubtedly highly recommended to any serious marketer.

It helps you to stay away from fake accounts.

Fake online accounts are still poorly controlled in China, making people understand the pinky promise means to maintain it wholly. This also contributes to the distinction of regular statements and official reports in the market. Having an authorized and certified account means that you are who you say you are. Additionally, it allows you to take full advantage of the performance of the official WeChat Advertising account. As a result, this is the first step for anyone looking to run ads on WeChat. It takes half a month to open an official statement for people who sign up for a local account (linked to some Chinese entity of the company). On the other hand, the waiting period is extended to 2/4 weeks due to foreign entities. The company should also complete a collection of files supported and certified by Tencent.

Appealing content

Immediately after creating an official account, employers can be tracked by anyone who wants to be part of your system. The types of articles you can share in these reports vary depending on your brand purpose. Regardless of the situations in which they reach customers in newsletters, reported as actual news. Of course, rating material in a newsletter is critical to keeping viewers interested. For this reason, it will be essential to create a narrative around your merchandise and get your message across in the best possible way.

Unique lucrative ideas

Official We Chat accounts and many other mini-programs provide many customization options based on business features. In the former case, the newsletters will likely be created using advanced images that may be related to the novelty. It will probably also play different formats, such as creating horizontal newsletters rather than vertical ones such as conventional ones. On the other hand, the customization options in mini-programs are not only about image aspects. These mini-apps are essential tools for promotion with WeChat, thanks to their excellent flexibility. Sometimes they are denied as a mini-store to sell goods from the program. Or, they can be turned into mini-games to keep you entertained while stopping user involvement. Nevertheless, it is also possible to use AI and AR technologies to almost inspect products through them. In short, the possibilities are endless. Just find the best one for your brand!