May Classes at Heaven Scent London

May Classes at Heaven Scent London

Come out and enjoy a variety of classes this May and learn more about Kitchen Herbs, Bach Flowers, Tarot Cards and more....

May Classes at Heaven Scent London

May 9th - Tarot 101 TAROT Beginners

Learn what tarot is. Have fun and explore the ways in which you can use it in everyday living.Choose a deck and learn how to interpret the reading. Several spreads will be taught. Mental preparation, timing, meditations, card meanings and journalizing techniques are all taught. Students are encouraged to work with cards during class. All cards and supplies can be purchased that night.

Prerequisite: Must be 16 years old or have written parental consent.

Heaven Scent London

Tarot 101

6 pm $39

May 16th - Living Kitchen Spice Wreaths

This is the perfect accent for any kitchen. This wreath is a fragrant attractive decoration as well as, a conversation piece. It Includes baby's breath, cinnamon sticks, pepper corns, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, rose hips, cloves, ginger root, etc. Several supplies are available for these grapevine wreaths to make in class. Please bring your apron and glue gun.

6 pm $45 includes everything

Heaven Scent London

Kitchen Wreaths

May 23rd - The Secret World of Essences

The plants known as herbs provide a bio-chemical healing on the physical level, their flowers offer healing on an emotional level. Under the belief that we are what we think, and our attitudes shape our physical health, we can then appreciate the importance of keeping our attitudes healthy. Flower essences are prepared from either wild flowers or pristine garden blossoms and made into homeopathic remedies, which address profound issues of emotional well being, soul development and mind-body health. Since Dr. Bach's discovery of flower essences in the 1930's, the world of essences has blossomed to include essences of shells, trees, shrubs, and sound.

This workshop will intimately explore the secret powers within the scope of plants and how you can make and use them for yourself.

6 - 8 pm $36

Heaven Scent London

The Secret of Essence

May 30th - Kitchen Herb Baskets & Edible Plants

Whether you are starting out with herbs & flowers or down-sizing into apartments, patio or condo gardens, this workshop will teach you the many medicinal and culinary herbs that can be grown easily in all sorts of containers.

You will be able to use window boxes, pots, buckets etc. to grow your own beautiful garden. We will discuss soil, drainage, requirements, locations, feeding maintenance and how to harvest your plants. Organic treatments will be encouraged and you will learn how to group for unique visual effects. All materials included.

6 - 8 pm $45

Heaven Scent London

Kitchen Herb Baskets

For more information drop in and visit our clinic and store or give us a call 519-433-3434

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