The Scoop on LED Laser Therapy

The Scoop on LED Laser Therapy

Low-Level Laser Light Therapy holds remarkable benefits to the recovery of skin and joint pain.

Low-Level Laser Therapy, also referred to as Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Therapy, holds remarkable benefits to the recovery of skin and joint pain.

Advanced LED Light Therapy with Photo-Bio-Stimulation is the combination of treatments which speeds up the body’s natural defense in repairing itself. It ultimately helps to heal muscle tissue in the same way that sunlight is absorbed by plants in order to release energy for plants to grow.

What is LED Light Therapy?

Typically it is a painless, relaxing and non-invasive skin-care treatment. It has a multitude of benefits, specifically to stimulate collagen and treat acne problems. Heaven Scent in London uses this therapy in so many ways,  pain relief, reduced inflammation, reducing injury damage and restoring loss of function. Additionally, Low Level Laser Therapy is able to facilitate more rapid cellular repair and stronger healed tissue structures.

“The LED lights stimulate certain sensors within the skin which boost cell activity and trigger the production of certain chemicals,” Debbie Thomas

How does it work?

The results obtained in the therapy greatly depend on the colors which are used. These colors are often used in combination, to repair various skin conditions simultaneously.

● Red Light:

It stimulates cellular activity which enables the skin to have a more “plump” look. It helps to treat sun-damage and stretch marks, and also reduces skin redness.

● Blue Light:

This light kills the bacteria which live just below the surface of the skin, causing acne.

The wonder of this treatment is that it is completely painless and therefore the more popular choice amongst clients for a natural, inexpensive “face-lift”.

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Apart from treating skin conditions, it is also greatly beneficial to treating targeted joint pain. And, within just 10 - 40 minutes of treatment, clients have reported a significant relief of pain.


Some of the consistent benefits of LED Laser therapy include:

● Reduced inflammation.

● Rapid cellular repair.

● Collagen production.

● Tissue and bone repair.

● Increased cell metabolism.

In the end, this new technology proofs to work. It is becoming so popular that more and more day spas are now including LED Laser therapy in their treatments.

Scoop’s out

The LED Laser therapy treatment will leave your skin renewed, restored, rejuvenated.

At Heaven Scent, you can bring in your dog for laser therapy to help with aches and joint concerns. They have a special bed and area to relax and feel better.

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Beds for Dogs

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