Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are a great way to use a variety of crystals to energize and protect your home

At Heaven Scent we have a beautiful selection of crystals. There are many ways to use crystals from carrying a special one in your pocket to gathering a selection in a bowl. Rose Quartz is the love stone and energetically creates a loving harmonic energy in any room they are placed.

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Rose Quartz

Crystal grids are a great way to use crystals to energize and protect your home. At Heaven Scent we host workshops on creating grids. I thought I would share some information on working with crystal grids.

Before working with any crystals it is a good idea to clear them. Here is a great article on clearing crystals

The basic way to grid a room or space is by using four crystals. Place one crystal in each of the four corners of the room. You can create a smaller grid with the same intention placed where it will not be disturbed. Clear quartz points work great for this. Activate the grid by connecting the four crystals together using a wand to trace the rectangular shape. Remember to hold the intention of your grid while you are activating it.

Heaven Scent, Crystal Grids, Protection Grid

Protection Grid

Depending on the grid shape used and the intention of the grid, you will need to adjust the number and type of crystals used. Clear Quartz is a healing crystal that easily holds a program and is a good choice for a grid of any purpose.

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Clear Quartz crystal Points

Suggestions for Grids in your Home or Office Space

Protection from negative energies: Black obsidian or black tourmaline. A five pointed star pattern is good to use for this purpose.

Heaven Scent, Tourmaline Grid, Crystals

Negative Energy Black Tourmaline Grid

Bringing in more positive energy: Citrine, sunstone or ruby in a triangle grid layout

Prosperity and abundance: Citrine, Herkimer diamonds, pyrite, imperial topaz, emerald.

Restful night: Grid the bedroom with amethyst, selenite, and clear quartz points with the points directed toward the center. You can also grid the bed by placing the crystals in the four corners.

Balance and Harmony: Try using rose quartz, green aventurine and calcite in this type of grid to create a peaceful and balanced environment. You can also use Rose and Clear Quartz together

Heaven Scent, Crystal Grids, Rose Quartz Grid

Rose Quartz for Balance and Harmony

Setting up a grid in your space is a wonderful idea for the crystals that are left at home and not carried with you daily. It’s also a great way to enjoy the energy of those fragile crystals that wouldn’t hold up too well inside your pocket. Try using different crystals around your area to see which ones you prefer and let your intuition guide you to try new combinations as your needs evolve.

Be sure to energize all of the rooms in your home with crystal grids including the bedroom, living room, children’s rooms, office and entertainment room

Please feel free to contact Christine, owner of Heaven Scent for more information on crystals and crystal grids.

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