Crystals and Stones for Psychic Protection

Crystals and Stones for Psychic Protection

Crystals and stones can be used to create a frequency to protect you psychically and to ward off harmful and discordant energy.

Crystals are also used to ground and balance your own energy; and to invite in beneficial energies of love, appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and whatever else you're looking to create in your life. Psychic protection should be a priority for everyone, especially for those who are empathic, psychic, or in service-based careers.


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Medicine bags are great for this purpose, as they create an alchemical stone experience that addresses your particular needs. A medicine bag is a pouch of several stones carried with you to help with a particular objective. I suggest no more than three to five stones in a medicine bag. One stone from each list below would make an effective combination and would give you three stones to work with for psychic protection and beneficial energy.

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Medicine Bags

There are many other options available to accomplish these purposes; this is just a sampling of some well suited stones.

For your medicine bag, please look up the MOHS hardness of each stone--stones that are a 3 shouldn't be paired with stones that are a 7, for example, because the stones that are a 3 would be likely to crack or break. Cleanse your stones energetically with sage, sound, Selenite or another method before using them. Also make sure to program your stones with your particular objective by holding them in your dominant hand and then blowing into them while thinking of your goal. If you don't have a specific goal in mind, program your crystal or stone to assist you with anything that may be in your highest and best good.

Stones to ward off harmful and discordant energy:

Shungite, Rainbow sheen, silver sheen, or Snowflake Obsidian

Smokey Quartz Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Fluorite Labradorite Kyanite

Stones to ground and balance your own energy:

Jet, Agate (any type), Jasper (especially Red, Mookaite, and Brecciated),

Orthoceras fossil Malachite

Stones to usher in beneficial energies:

Rose Quartz Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz Rhodochrosite, Green Aventurine

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