Creating Something of Value

Creating Something of Value

Everyone has something they love to do…something that makes their heart open and their soul thrive.

Everyone has something they love to do…something that makes their heart open and their soul thrive. We sometimes have to allow ourselves to admit it and acknowledge that whatever happens to move our soul is worthy and is a contribution to the whole.

Making art moves my heart and soul. It was an organic experience. I did not consciously plan on becoming a professional artist as a young person; it is without a doubt a challenging profession to become viable, especially in Canada. However, the burning desire to create something no one had ever seen before propelled me and eventually manifested one evening in my studio when I was inspired to create my first “wood assemblage”.

Heather Kocsis, Architectural Digest Design Show 2017

Heather Kocsis Architectural Digest Design Show 2017

Seth Godin could not have said it better in his Blog :

"Make something great:

Not because it will sell.

Not because it’s on the test.

Not because it’s your job.

Merely because you can.

The alternative (waiting for the world to align in a way that permits you to make something great) is hardly worth pursuing, right?"

Now, 17 years later, within each new piece, I am still driven to create something great, however, now that drive surrenders to creating something of value. Recently the private art commissions I have created are personal gifts within family members. It is a responsibility and an honour to be capable of evoking an emotional connection within a family with a piece of art. I recognize it and it gives me great joy that translates into the piece.

I do believe that what moves your heart and makes your soul thrive makes the world go round and inspires others to do so. What moves your soul?

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Next time I will talk about what goes into making my three- dimensional wood assemblages (wall-sculptures).

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Make Something Great

Here is a great video to visually articulate the dimensions of my wood assemblages.

Creating Something of Value

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