Eggs Mexican - Spice Up Your Morning

Eggs Mexican - Spice Up Your Morning

Simple, Fresh and Spicy - Eggs Mexican are a great twist and some Franks Red Hot for good measure.

Eggs Mexican

What do you need?

To start with you need to have a little kick in your breakfast.  With this, you are ready to have something that truly adds a great start to your day.

The Ingredients

Arugula - This adds great vitamin C and flavor

Eggs - What can we say, rich in flavor, rich in protein

Butter - A little butter for the pan.

Fresh Salsa - Salsa adds some true palette experience.

Salt and Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper - For the daring breakfast

Franks Red Hot Sauce - The icing on the Mexican

Eggs Mexican is a fresh and nutritious start to your day.

Eggs Mexican

How to Make Eggs Mexican

To prepare your plate of eggs Mexican, it starts with your imagination.  We call it eggs Mexican because, we love the combination of Salsa, Jalapenos and Franks Red Hot

Start with heating up your pan nice and hot.  Eggs are best when they cook over some butter.  The hot pan usually makes the eggs flip easier.  We suggest eggs over easy or over medium as this adds to the overall breakfast flavor.

While you are cooking your eggs, get some of the rest of the plate ready.  Arugula is our hands down choice to serve as the base for Eggs Mexican.

Garnish your plate with Jalepenos and Franks Red Hot Sauce and be prepared to eat within 5 minutes.

Once your eggs are done, flop them over the Arugula and add your garnishing as desired. Salt and Pepper adds a nice traditional taste to the eggs that doesn't get lots in the Mexican Salsa.

The goal is to eat every bite differently, but still get a piece of all the ingredients in every bite.

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