Homeopathy in Waterloo Region

Homeopathy in Waterloo Region

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Elisabeth Betker, M.D. (Germany) and Homeopath

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Elisabeth Betker received her Medical Doctor’s Degree from the University of Rostock, Germany. She practiced family medicine and paediatrics for 10 years in Germany. A graduate of Homeopathy, she has been a Clinical Supervisor at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto for 11 years and has maintained a busy private homeopathic medicine practice in Waterloo, Ontario since 1999. Homeopathy is a recognized and provincially regulated profession since April 1, 2015. Elisabeth Betker is a recognized member of the Ontario College of Homeopaths.

Contact Elisabeth Betker

Phone: 519-885-4955; Email: waterloohomeopath@gmail.com

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Hauser Homeopathy

Homeopathy in Waterloo Region

Andrea Hauser, Homeopath and Live Cell Microscopist, is dedicated to healing families naturally in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Her passion is disease prevention and helping individuals return to a balanced state of health by uncovering the root cause of chronic conditions.

Contact  Hauser Homeopathy

526 Frederick St, Unit 3

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-579-3456

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K-W Homeopathic Medicine and Wellness Clinic

Homeopathy in Waterloo Region

At K-W Homeopathic Medicine and Wellness Clinic, we specialize in Classical Homeopathy, a form of medicine that treats at the deepest possible level – the level of the Vital Force.

Contact K-W Homeopathic Medicine and Wellness Clinic

751 King St W # 310

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-603-0505

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What is Homeopathy? - Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Sprout Wellness Clinic

We are a multidisciplinary clinic that strives to inspire our patients to reach a state of optimal wellness.By working collaboratively, with our patient’s needs as our top priority, we strive to offer comprehensive treatments plans that will address your concerns today, and prepare you for wellness in the future. At the Sprout Wellness Clinic, we care about your wellbeing.

Contact Sprout Wellness Clinic

526 Frederick St

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-579-3456

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The Natural Way Health Clinic

The Natural Way Health Clinic is an integrative Naturopathic Clinic. At The Natural Way, we offer treatments that are completely individualized, and focus on enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal itself. We also work with each patient to optimize long term healing rewards by teaching preventative health measures. The services provided by the Natural Way are covered under most health care plans.

Contact The Natural Way Health Clinic

131 Union St E # 103

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-772-2116

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TouchStone Health

Homeopathy is a gentle, energy-based medicine, dating back more than 200 years ago. It uses minute dilutions of plant, mineral and animal substances, following the principle of “like cures like” which stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities. When matched to the patient’s symptoms, homeopathic remedies are able to affect the body’s “vital force” and aid in stimulating the body’s innate healing forces. It is considered one of the safest forms of medicine for children and woman in pregnancy and works well not only on the physical level but also with many mental-emotional concerns.

Contact TouchStone Health

564-572 Weber Street North, Unit 3A

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 1-888-454-4667


Waterloo Naturopathic Clinic

An Award Winning Naturopathic Clinic in the Heart of Waterloo. The Natural Way Health Clinic is an integrative Naturopathic Clinic. Integrative medicine is defined as the combination of mainstream medical therapies, and the alternative therapies for which there is high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.

Contact  Waterloo Naturopathic Clinic


Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-885-3720

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