Beginners Yoga In Waterloo Region

Beginners Yoga In Waterloo Region

Find the masters of yoga and feel energized as you begin a brand new experience.

Looking to get started in YOGA? Below you will find some of the most established yoga studios in Kitchener/Waterloo

Moksha Yoga Waterloo

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Changing the world, one sweaty yoga class at a time. Calm mind. Fit body. Inspired life. Proudly part of the group of independent hot yoga studios, we are fully committed to ethical, passionate and environmentally conscious living. Come try our beginners yoga classes today.

Contact Moksha Yoga Waterloo

55 Erb St E, Suite 103

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-954-3516

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Mindful Life Studio

Start your yoga adventure today

We believe that Mindful Movement transforms people’s lives. Gain strength, improve concentration and flexibility with small group training sessions in the Pilates Method, TRX Suspension Training and Core Yoga.

Contact Mindful Life Studio

35 Water Street South

Cambridge, ON

Phone: 519-624-8214

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Bikram Yoga Kitchener Waterloo

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Bikram’s Yoga is a series of 26 beginner classes and hatha asanas (postures) suitable for all ages and physical abilities. Try our new classes out summer, spring , winter or fall and feel fresh and revived.

Contact Bikram Yoga Kitchener Waterloo

663 Belmont Ave. West

Kitchener, ON

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What are the Benefits of starting YOGA?

Yoga for all ages can provide a huge sense of being and self.  Yoga, provides the individual with the ability to focus on the self for a period of time and forget what is on their mind other than the task at hand.  You will learn new poses like the Eagle Pose and build strength and self confidence in just a few classes.

See this article to get you motivated your your first beginner yoga class.

The Health Benefits of Yoga - How Yoga Helps You Stay Healthy

More places to find beginner yoga in Waterloo

Community of Hearts Yoga

At Community of Hearts Yoga, our vision is to offer a safe, nurturing environment to explore the practices of yoga whether we wish to heal an injury or awaken to our True essence.

Contact Community of Hearts Yoga

826 King St. N., Suite 21

Waterloo, ON

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Fearless Heart Yoga

Yoga is for everyone, from brand new practitioners (aka non-yogis), to regular levitators. Yoga is about developing the tools to experience personal liberation. We're here to support you in that journey.

Contact Fearless Heart Yoga

10 Regina Street North

Waterloo, ON

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Five Tibetans Yoga Studio

Located in an exceptionally beautiful and grounded space. Yoga practitioners of all levels can participate in classes with qualified teachers who share the same commitment and objectives.

Contact Five Tibetans Yoga Studio

79 Schneider Avenue

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-745-1683

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Fusionmovement Yoga Studio

Fusionmovement Yoga studio is the hottest new studio in Cambridge. We offer drop-in and pre-registered classes. HOT yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Astangha, Kundalini, Pilates, Intro to Yoga, Yoga4kids and Zumba.

Contact Fusionmovement Yoga Studio

336 Eagle St.N.Unit 2J

Cambridge, ON

Phone: 519-653-0090

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Mind, Matter & Motion

Mind, Matter & Motion Providing Osteopathic Treatments & Yoga Cupping, RMT & Reflexology. At Mind, Matter & Motion, our Hatha beginner classes are designed for the individual to listen to their body. Take a starter class today and find the new you.

Contact Mind, Matter & Motion

885 Glasgow Street

Kitchener, ON N2M 2N7

(519) 208-0430

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Pranalife Yoga

Make the yoga you love be the passion you live with Pranalife yoga Teacher Training, Private and Public Yoga Classes, Yoga Workshops, Yoga Retreats, Vine & Vinyasa yoga+wine events and 30 Day Yoga Challenges.

Contact Pranalife Yoga

10 Regina St N #2,

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-722-7262

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Queen Street Yoga

We are a beautiful yoga studio with caring, fun, and well trained teachers. A small business that is about community, not commodity. A haven of sunshine, quiet and wide open space in the heart of busy downtown Kitchener. A place where people of varied demographics come together to learn and grow through the practices of yoga and meditation.

Contact Queen Street Yoga

44 Queen St S

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-741-9642

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