Up Close & Personal with MVP Meals' Nicky Amos & Amanda Case!

Up Close & Personal with MVP Meals' Nicky Amos & Amanda Case!

We invited the team at MVP Meals to tell us how they got started and how they turned their passions into a booming business!

We love getting the story on how successful entrepreneurs got their start.  MVP Meals is a wonderful healthy food service. Not only do they prepare delicious and nutritious meals for families on the go, they even deliver them straight to your home!

Nicky Amos

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Growing up in the Caribbean and a family steeped in culinary tradition, Nicky was exposed to a wide range of cooking techniques and creating flavor-infused dishes that embraced the food-rich traditions of Jamaica. Though she majored in business and spent over 14 rewarding years in the banking and finance sector, Nicky’s heart has always been in food. After moving to Canada and experiencing the diverse cuisine in the country’s multicultural environment she was inspired to pursue her passion. She hasn’t looked back since and remains grateful that she made the switch to chef and entrepreneur.

Today, she is the one of the developers and chef for MVP Meals Ltd., a booming meal prep business that delivers healthy and hearty meals to a growing list of clients. As the new owner of The Caribbean Kitchen restaurant, Nicky has built on the longstanding traditions of the 13-year-old island fusion restaurant and has added her extraordinary talents and creativity to add a modern twist. She strongly believes that food is medicine—with the power to promote physical and emotional well-being. For Nicky, the secret to creating delightfully tasty yet healthy meals is using fresh, locally sourced ingredients combined with fresh herbs and aromatic spices.

When she’s not creating crowd-pleasers in the kitchen, Nicky enjoys volunteering, traveling and relaxing with family and friends. As driven as she is towards success, she remains easy going with an eye towards learning from all experiences—both good and bad.

Amanda Case

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Amanda grew up in a large family in Newfoundland where family, food and cooking for loved ones was highly valued. She pursued an Honors Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology & Physical Education, a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and certifications in Personal Training, Group Fitness Instructing and Active Aging. She used her passion for helping people overcome barriers to healthy living by working as a Wellness Consultant for Tri Fit at companies such as Toyota, Christie Digital, Ford, CBA and Home Hardware.

After coaching thousands of people in health and wellness, she found one of the main barriers for the majority to healthy eating was lack of time, interest or knowledge in meal preparation that was nutritionally balanced and tasty. She felt that if she could eliminate this barrier for people then more people could achieve success in healthy eating which she believes is one of the keys to a fulfilling life. MVP Meals was born out of desire to pursue passions of health, cooking and helping people.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys a variety of physical activities, reading, playing guitar and spending time with friends and family.

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Have any questions for Amanda or Nicky?  Call them at 226-240-9855 or email at info@mvpmeals.com.