Preparing for Fall Healthy Eating and Healthy Living

Preparing for Fall Healthy Eating and Healthy Living
over 1 year ago

Cool air is on its way with fall and winter and our bodies want foods that make us feel warm and cozy such as soups, stews, high fiber fruits like apples.

Healthy Eating

With the cool weather upon us we find ourselves changing our eating habits from salads and lighter food choices to hearty soups and stews. With so many root vegetables available this time of year, it is a great time to pull out that big pot or the slow cooker, and have a delicious meal ready to go when returning from work or a brisk walk in the woods.

The fall harvest begins with an abundance of apples, which are high in fiber and pectin to help cleanse the intestines and support digestion, specifically the digestion of fat. Why not bake up a Healthy Apple Crisp.

Winter diets normally contain foods higher in fats and protein such as meats and nuts. The cold winter air and wind dries out our bodies and often we feel it in our throats and sinuses.

Bananas, avocados, beets, winter squash, nuts, meat, deep-sea fish and olive oil all help keep our bodies warm, moist and nourished. If we continue to eat only foods that are cooling to our bodies such as cucumbers, strawberries and melons, our sinuses can become dry and more susceptible to colds and flu.

Healthy Living

There are many ways we can prepare for a healthy Fall as well as eating more hearty healthy foods. Readers Digest has a list of 50 things we can do and I thought I would share a few with you.

Open the Curtains – Let in the Natural Light

As the weather gets colder we tend to want to cuddle up and hibernate like the bears. It is easy to disconnect from the benefits of nature which can lead to health concerns including insomnia, overeating, and depression. As the days get shorter it is important to be conscious of our inside environment and let in the natural light. Turn off the lights, open your curtains, and let the natural light fill your home. If you work from home try to set up a space near the windows.

Healthy Tips

Open The Curtain Let in the Light

Get ready for Flu Season

The Flu Season is upon and generally runs from October to May. You may opt to get the Flu Shot from your doctor or if you are concerned with the side effects may want to consider a more natural approach. Check with your local Homeopath to see if they offer the Flu Kit Influenzinum Prevention. If you live in the Hamilton Area, Meghan Manzo, Homeopath; offers this kit and you can find out more HERE

Healthy Tips

Natural Flu Kit

Put a Bottle of Water by your Bed

Before going to bed each night, fill up a water bottle and put it on your nightstand (use an insulated bottle if you want it to stay cold). This way it will be the first thing you see when you wake up, and you can chug it before you even get out of bed. Water helps flush out toxins, aids digestion, transports nutrients, maintains your body temperature, helps with weight loss, improves your skin, and a whole lot more.

Healthy Tips

Water Bottle Bedside

Curl up with a Good Cook Book

For more ideas on eating healthy meals this fall, grab a cookbook or go online and make a list of some tasty recipes to prepare. Clip them to your fridge so you always have something good to eat for yourself and your family. Eating together as a family, in and of itself; is creating a healthy, warm, and cozy habit!

Healthy Tips

Healthy Meals with Family