Building Relationships can be highly beneficial for your business growth.

Building Relationships can be highly beneficial for your business growth.

In business, you need to build relationships with a wide range of people, including investors, peers, employees, and of course customers.

The talent to effectively build relationships can be learned with some effort and focus.

Here are some tips to help you grow your business relationships.

Diversify your networks

Go beyond people you know in your immediate circle to contact and build a relationship with at least one supplier, a customer, and a competitor. The next step is to seek out people from unrelated organizations, such as media and government.

Give as much as you expect to get from every relationship.

Effective relationships in business are not one-way the need to be reciprocated. Offer and deliver help, connect people with each other, or share industry or non-profit-sector information. You feel satisfaction and find others willing to respond when you need help.

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Spend quality time on key relationships.

Spend time with your most important customers, employees, and leaders who can make the most difference to your organization. These relationships will generate returns in the immediate future and in the long run.

Spend your time and resources on key social issues.

Build a constituency of relationships with people who have shared beliefs, interests, and ambitions. Collaborating with them on solving shared social problems will turn them into engaged advocates of your business and make them your most powerful allies in building other relationships.

Reshape your networks frequently.

Nurture people relationships critical to your organization carefully and often. Push contacts whose usefulness has diminished over time into your inactive network. Regularly identify new relationships that are vital to the future of your business and define strategies to build these connections.

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The depth of your relationship networks is more critical to your business success than your ability to define and build the perfect solution. These relationships empower you to confidently and assertively take risks, continually innovate, and recover from losses and setbacks along the way.

Your business is a community, not an island.

You can't run it alone.