Tips for making December Productive in the workplace

Tips for making December Productive in the workplace

How do small company owners and the self-employed maximise their available working days to ensure a relaxing Christmas holiday season?

The Christmas holiday season is eagerly anticipated, but the festivities mean that the number of working days in the month are reduced at a time when planning for the new business year makes life busier than ever.

Prioritize and Optimize

Prioritising tasks is important for making December productive during the reduced working month. Everyone works to different schedules and planning will help make each working day as efficient as possible. Rather than working longer hours look at optimizing current working hours and eliminate the things that drain time in a day.

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• Flag priority emails and set automated reminders

• Decide if meetings need to be face-to-face, or over Skype or Zoom to reduce time spent away from desks.

• Think about what needs to be done before the break and what can be carried over. It’s important to get this balance right so you are not returning to a mammoth January workload.

Get organized, tick tasks off as you complete them and get on top of the challenge.

Incentivise and reward

It’s nearly Christmas, treat yourself! Set yourself goals and give yourself a small reward once you’ve ticked them off. A meal out, a drink with friends, a trip to the theatre – anything to make you feel good and to help you get through the task list.

Try not to let business matters encroach on leisure time. Set a deadline to wrap up your work each day and leave on time. This is easier said than done in today’s always-on digital age but never feel guilty about logging out and enjoying some ‘me-time’.

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Me time

In fact, allowing yourself to escape from work matters boosts well-being and can lead to greater productivity, making December productive when you are at work.

With a little planning, the December workload can be skilfully negotiated, leaving you free to fully embrace the Christmas break. Adapting routines to be at your most productive during this month may well lead to a permanent change to your working patterns for the New Year and onwards.