Solution to Insomnia & Sleeplessness?

Solution to Insomnia & Sleeplessness?

Are you so dead tired but just cannot sleep in the night? Have you tried everything and still suffering from insomina?? This blogpost will definitely help you..

Many men & women suffer from sleeplessness/insomnia. The case is worse in the working middle age class. They are dead tired and want to sleep but the moment they are on the bed, they just can't sleep.

Some of them suffer from insomnia - where they sleep for few hours & get up, thus losing their sleep...

Solution to Insomnia & Sleeplessness?


Some men & pregnant women suffer from muscle cramp & cannot get back to sleep...

You maybe one of them suffering from either of these two - sleeplessness or insomnia... The reason might be different - having nightmares/break up/rough relationships at work etc etc

Solution to Insomnia & Sleeplessness?

Did you ever try eating cashew whenever you got up in the middle of the night?? If no, you must really try that out now...

My secret methods on having a good night sleep like never before:

1. Boil some bananas in water for 10 minutes & strain the liquid. Drink the liquid before going to bed. They will help you sleep better...

2. Always have a glass of milk or cheese before sleeping... The white colored dairy products work wonder for getting you a good night sleep...

Solution to Insomnia & Sleeplessness?

3. Have cashew milk: Soak 4-5 cashews in a little amount of milk. Pestle the cashews in a mortar & add some more milk to it. The cashews when blended, gives a nice creamy milk. Drink this before bed & you have a very good night sleep.

Sleeping is for relaxation but in today's world a lot of people suffer from sleeplessness or restlessness. It is very important for the body to rest properly in the night...During sleep, a lot of activities take place which is essential for a proper body functioning... Many hormonal changes take place, which maintains  good health!!

Eat Well! Akansha Dalmia

Lead Nutritional Writer, emag Time for Healthy Eating Klusster