Exercise or Diet for Weight Loss

Exercise or Diet for Weight Loss

Are you looking for some weight loss regime and cannot pick if you should hit a gym or avoid eating too much? Then, this blogpost is for you!!

A lot of us are struggling in these obese tempted food world to lose those extra pounds and have a flawless skin and a perfect figure. Yet, we cannot choose our way.

By diet, we usually tend to avoid a lot of sugar and fat and consume more of beverages? Are they helping us or worsening our conditions?

Diet is very important to maintain a perfect physique. We must choose proper diet plan that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and we must also have our daily dose of fat & carbs. Eliminating them might harm us also.

Exercise or Diet for Weight Loss

An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away!!

Did you know for a good smoother skin, fat is essential for our body? Why is that you need to apply body butter creams for your skin? Its fat that gives you smooth skin.

Diet is important for your weight loss. I think the reason today most of us are fat/obese is because of our wrong eating habits. We surely need to change them. We are going for sugar- free; low fat, double skimmed milk but we have totally forgotten the importance of organic foods - say, the walnuts, the dry fruits, whole fruits, green leafy vegetables, boiled eggs.

We are looking forward to junk foods to satisfy our tongue rather than the body functioning. The body has been designed in a way that it can withstand a lot of toxins and waste accumulated. The results are sudden breakdown of the body, collapsing on the floor, immediate weight gain, gradual increase in the blood pressure and many more. Not to forget our painful arthrtis.

are you procasinating your excerise?

Coming to working out, we have started procastinating that to an extent that the tomorrow has never come for many years. Excerise is very important to your body. It functions better, opens your mind, keeps you away from depression and pessimism. Excersing is just not about weight loss or maintaining a great physique. It is more than that.

Exercise or Diet for Weight Loss

et up!! And start working out. Work out regularly for 2 months and you will notice many changes that has started happening with you!!

Dont you see how happy you were as a child while playing? Wasn't that a form of work out? Don't you see how today kids have restricted their games to tab & phones... What you do, is what your children learn

Do not go bonkers for the number on the weighing scale - everyone has their own body, their own set of bones, the bone density varies hence the weight varies. Focus on your own well being -a beautiful body & mind

Exercise or Diet for Weight Loss

Kids Today!!

Weight loss is a combination of both balanced diet and exercise.