Does Sugar Pull You Up?

Does Sugar Pull You Up?

A lot of us tend to eat sugar when we are either feeling hungry or low. Does it do good to the body? Lets find out.

Sugar is the main reason why you are fat, have an oily skin and oily hair. They are just sweet to taste and provide no other benefits to the body. Sweet foods which are usually white in color and are full of calories. They do more harm than good to us.

Does Sugar Pull You Up?

Say NO to SUGAR!!

They can cause type 2 diabetes, make you obese as sugars get converted to fat when eaten in excess. Sweet white colored foods are labelled as pro inflammatory foods, which may put you on high risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and maybe, even worse, cancer. Dont believe me? Read here.

I do not say you should entirely cut down on sugar but definitely to limit your sugar intake, particularly sugary beverages like soft drinks, alcohols, flavored carbonated drinks. They contain high amounts of sugar and sugar when dissolved in water and consumed, contribute to gradual weight gain.

Does Sugar Pull You Up?


Sugary beverages can be addictive and leads to loss of appetite. They must be strictly avoided by one and all.

A lot of people, consume a sweet product when they are usually depressed or had a bad day, tricking their brain and neurons that they are actually feeling good. It just that the body is metabolizing what you just ate.

Fructose, are of special importance if you are an athelete. Sport drinks have moderate quantity of fructose as the glycogen levels are quickly depleted when performing a sport activity and needs to be generated quickly.

Cut down all your sugary processed foods, as they do no good except providing calories to the body. Munching on sugar that is available in natural form is a better choice, as fructose when combined with fibres make a good combo for a food intake.

Does Sugar Pull You Up?

Adopt eating fruits daily

Practice controlling your tongue: first by controlling what you speak, control the words that you often tend to use, this way, you can control on foods that needs to be avoided. Once your tongue knows, it is in your control, things can considerably become easier for you to handle when it comes to following a diet and avoiding foods which harms the body

Consuming raw fruits are the way of intaking the combo Fructose + Fibre. They may seem unattractive to you but they are excellent friends as fructose make up for fibres tastlessness and fibres make up for fructose uselessness for you. Fibres improves your bowel movement, clears the digestive tract from all the waste.

Cutting down on sugar can be psychologically more challenging than physically. If you feel the urge to eat sugar or sweet foods, restrict yourself to one sweet a week. By all means, avoid eating desserts and sugary foods in the night time. It is because the digestive system is winding up its work for a proper night sleep. You definetly cannot have a peaceful sleep until your digestive system is calm.

Does Sugar Pull You Up?

Avoid tempting Brownies

Hope, this article is an eye opener for all those who are sweet dependent, dessert dependent after a lavish dinner.

Eat Well, Akansha Dalmia,

Lead Nutritional Writer for the Klusster Time for Healthy Eating.