The 4 Eating Principles

The 4 Eating Principles

Are you trying to skip your meals because less food=weight loss? Trying to lose your weight? Go through these 4 principles of eating right.

If you are trying to lose weight, then eating less will not help, but eating more will. By eating more, I mean, eating more number of times in less quantity. Eating large quantites of food after long term of intervals will reverse the process of weight loss and increase the weight gain.

Eat right food in right quantity at the right time for a better well being

The FIRST Principle:

1. Eat a fruit first thing in the morning. When we wake up after a long sleep, the blood glucose levels are low. Hence, the sugars (carbohydrates) present in the fruit will rise the glucose levels, prevents acidity and keeps our moods fresh throughout the day.

The 4 Eating Principles

Fruits First in the Morning

The SECOND Principle:

2. Eat every 2-3 hours, which helps in better digestion and utilization of the nutrients, instead of converting carbs to fats.
Are you wondering what to eat every 2-3 hours?? The nature has provided us with plenty of resources, we can munch on nuts, cheese, curd, yogurt, flax seeds.

The 4 Eating Principles

Some flaxseeds

The THIRD Principle:

3. Adopt eating foods that are local and seasonal. For example, have mangoes in the summer. Eat foods that are local to your land, like wheat & rice in India, Corn in U.S. & Canada. Foods that are local and seasonal will maintain the thermoregulation of the body and also it is easy to digestive and beneficial over the others.Eat

The 4 Eating Principles

The FOURTH Principle:

4. Eat within 2 hours after the sunset. We usually tend to eat a lot during dinners and stay hungry during the daytime-which is the major reason of weight gain. The digestive system slows down its pace during the night and hence, over loading it with food adds to fat contribution in the body. Immediately sleeping after the dinner, increases the belly fat.ay a

The 4 Eating Principles

Say No to Heavy Dinners

Follow these 4 principles and see how quickly you feel start feeling good about your body. Your body is your responsibility, take good care of it, stop punishing it through crash diets.

Eat Well! Akansha Dalmia

Lead Nutritional Writer, Time for Healthy Eating,