Healthy Eating in Office Hours

Healthy Eating in Office Hours

Many a times we are so busy with our work that we neglect our hunger. Staying hungry for more than 3-4 hours is not a good habit!!

The Time is Now

Has your workplace contributed in making you fat and lazy? Are you just having your lunch and working for 8 hours without any other meal? Do you know that body needs food every 2-3 hours.

Healthy Eating in Office Hours

Is Lunch your Only Meal during Office Hours??

Today's market has a lot of product to offer... The product we choose to eat impacts our lifestyle and health...Commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle : NOW !! Health is Wealth; it is not wise to lose your health in making wealth and again spending wealth to regain your health; oh yes, you read that right !! A journey of 1000 miles start with a single step, take a step now and indulge in Eating Healthy... Don't wait for another Monday, next week, 1st of any month... The right time to start a healthier lifestyle is - NOW!!

Healthy Eating in Office Hours

Get Set Go:

  • Have a cup of green tea or black tea or chamomile tea; first thing in the morning. Our offices do have a vending machine for hot water... So, dip dip-sip sip :)
Healthy Eating in Office Hours

Have it NOW

  • Are you someone who loves eating salad?? Even if you do not like eating them; you can develop a beneficial habit of eating them - Eat your salad (without mayonnaise, of course) as a snack, instead of having it with your meal. Adopt eating fresh cucumbers, beetroot, carrots, lettuce - options are many!
Healthy Eating in Office Hours
  • One dairy product every day - Yogurt or Cheese should be a part of your diet. Yogurt is a prebiotic and Cheese is rich in Vitamin K and Calcium
  • And if you have been failing towards the commitment of healthy eating - then, keep an alarm for every 2 hours and live a healthy life!

Health is Wealth, baby :)

Eat Well, Akansha Dalmia

Lead Nutritional Writer for Klusster- Time for Healthy Eating