Mayonnaise : The Good & the Bad

Mayonnaise : The Good & the Bad

Mayonnaise is a dense calorific food, stabilising the water-in-oil emulsion. On the positive front, mayo is rich in fat & fat soluble vitamins. Lets know more.!

What exactly is Mayo?

Mayonnaise, often called as mayo is a calorifically rich food usually used for sandwiches or salad dressing. It is an emulsion of oil/egg yolk in lemon juice/vinegar with lecithin. Avoid Mayonnaise if you are looking to lose weight.

Mayonnaise is basically oil-in-water but the process of emulsification gives it the solid state. It is not a miracle product, just completely calorific, full of fat.

The best mayonnaise is the one that can be made at home. It allows you to choose a much healthier oil like olive oil and emulsify the mixture using proteins or lecithin which is stable for a week in your fridge. The marketed product contains a lot of preservatives, some may contain artificial flavor and stabilizers that gives it to a longer shelf life.

Mayonnaise is the “worst food in your fridge”.

Mayonnaise : The Good & the Bad

Benefits of Mayo:

Everything has a good and a bad rep. We must bring out the balance 

1. Rich in fat soluble Vitamins- especially Vitamin E.

2. It contains fair amount of Sodium.

3. Eating moderate amounts of Mayo can provide our body with the fat soluble nutrients. Mayo contains 40% of oil and can be easily absorbed by the system.

4. They contain mono saturated and poly saturated fats – which are good fats! They can reduce the cholesterol levels in your body and increase HDL in the body.

You can choose your kind of mayo here. Read a little before picking up one.

Pick up a Low fat mayo available in market!

Mayonnaise : The Good & the Bad

Low Fat Mayo

Bad Part of Mayo:

1. The fat and calories gives a good flavor but eating anything excess is unhealthy for the body.

2. Over consuming of fats can lead to obesity, increase in blood sugar levels, heart diseases and osteoporosis!

3. Too much of Mayonnaise in diet can give you serious headaches and nauseate feeling.

4. Totally avoid Mayo if you are trying to manage your blood sugar levels.

The market has a lot of varieties of mayonnaise available in the market. So, choose your mayo right.Preferably, chose a mayo that’s made from olive oil instead of soya bean oil or corn oil.

Mayonnaise : The Good & the Bad

very food product can be made at home. This is no magic product. Try preparing it at home, recipe available here. You can make it according to your needs and requirements for a healthy mayo.

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