The Magical Yogurt

The Magical Yogurt

Yogurt is the only dairy product which can be consumed by Lactose Intolerant patients. Yogurt is labelled as "Prebiotic" as it improves the digestive system.

Yogurt, the most wonderful dairy product contains the beneficial bacteria, which promotes the growth of intestinal bacteria. Yogurt has gained popularity among people owing to multiple benefits it has. Being a dairy product, it is rich in Milk proteins and Calcium, which along with friendly bacteria makes it an amazing product. The dairy industry launched yogurt in various flavors, commonly loved by all!

Yogurt, has now occupied most of the shelf space in the dairy aisle of any supermarket,offering us various flavor yogurt, starting from vanilla to mixed fruit yogurt.
The Magical Yogurt

Benefits from Yogurt

1. Yogurt is known to improve the growth of gut bacteria, which improves the digestive system, relives from diarrhoea, constipation, bowel diseases and the most amazing part is that lactose intolerant patients can have yogurt.

2. Diabetic women also suffers from Vaginal Infections. Having yogurt fights against yeast infection. Eating yogurt decreases your pH levels of vagina from pH 6 to pH 4.

For more details read here.

3. Calcium content in yogurt is good if you are suffering from osteoporosis. Some yogurt are fortified with Vitamin D, meeting your daily requirements.

The Magical Yogurt

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4. Yogurt keeps your menstrual cramps at bay.

5. Yogurt is usually eaten with Flax seeds, which increases the intake of fibres and omega-3-fatty acids.

Omega-3-fatty acids, improves your brain functioning,immunity function and curbs joint pains. Omega -3-fatty acids balances mood swings and particularly helpful, if going through depression.

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Yogurt topped with fruits and dry fruits

With dairy companies providing a wide range of yogurts, be ready to pick one according to your choice.

1. Low Fat or Full Fat; you can always check the nutritional table at the pack

2. Vitamin D enriched yogurts are available. It is for you if are suffering from joint pains/bone related issues.

3. Cholesterol content on yogurt has to be checked.

Yogurt can be prepared at home too. Click here to know more.

Yogurt maker can be bought here which helps in preparation of thick yogurt.

The Magical Yogurt


Eat Well! Akansha Dalmia,

Lead Nutritional Writer, Time For Healthy Eating