Healthy Choices LIVE Showcase 2017

Healthy Choices LIVE Showcase 2017

We are celebrating Mothers at the Show May 12 & 13, 2017 Holiday Inn Cambridge. "Healthy Choices make Healthy Change."

Healthy Choices Showcase 2017


Celebrating Motherhood on Mothers Day Weekend Come out and shop for your favourite Mom.

Lee Pryke, Healthy Choices Showcase, Klusster

Mother and Son

Pick Up Centre for 200 FREE boxes

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Babt Box Co. Healthy Choices Showcase, Klusster

BabyBox Co.

MAY 12th & 13th

We do have Fun at our Shows

Here with KYnamics on Friday Night Spring 2016

TWO WAYS to promote your Alternative Business.

  1. You can start NOW and promote your business every day up to the Live Two Day Annual Showcase in Cambridge, Ontario.
  2. You can exhibit in the LIVE show May 12 & 13 th

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To register for the LIVE show, visit our WEBSITE to download the application.

As a member of our Healthy Choices Showcase E-magazine you can choose six or 12 months and promote your business to a broader audience than who may attend the two-day show!

Yes, you can promote your business 365 days of the year - before during and after the show, either in one of our directories or with more impact as a Premium Member and be supported by the other businesses through social media and content you write regularly about your business and upcoming promotions. Hosted by designed specifically to help local business gain more visibility online.

For the Healthy Choices Show in 2016 we created a directory in Klusster, and in three weeks received over 11,000 views on Social Media. We have expanded the directory to a full e-magazine with directories and many options for promoting your business and ranking high in Google Searches.

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Number One

Both our LIVE show and our e-magazine are successful in marketing your business

Here is one of our previous Shows

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Healthy Choices Showcase

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