Local Authors Directory

Local Authors Directory

Local Authors in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo Region with a message of hope, inspiration, knowledge and desire to share their story to empower others.

Local Authors Directory

Meet authors with a message of hope, inspiration, knowledge and the desire to share their story to empower others on their life journey.

Danielle Joworski

Author | Speaker | Women’s Leadership Catalyst

“…a unique commodity in the literary marketplace…”

The Athena Prodigies

Book - The Athena Prodigies

When you blend Chicken Soup for the Soul© with Gilmore Girls© the result is an empowering set of stories that will inspire women and girls to engage in heart-centered conversations. The ATHENA Prodigies effortlessly weaves the use of inspirational short stories with reflective dialogue. Each chapter is exquisitely tailored to each of its readers and grounded in the purpose of creating connections between women and girls.

Danielle Joworski authentically shares her journey from being a corporate drop-out and burned-out Mom, to following her own passion and re-discovering the many facets of herself that she had forgotten over the years. Her desire to empower women to believe that they have a choice, that their desires and dreams are important to who they are as women is only overshadowed by one thing; The ATHENA Prodigies is also written to help women to confidently lead girls, empowering them to also believe in their own desires and dreams, and learning how they can be a catalyst to help girls achieve what their hearts desire.

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Peter Wright

Author, Adversity Coach, Speaker

Peter Wright, 5 Steps to Thriving

Book -5 Steps To Thriving On Adversity

5 simple steps to overcome and thrive on adversity. 5 steps for surviving the pressures of the modern world, to avoid being overwhelmed by the impact of new technology and the disruption to the old, familiar, comfortable order.

old in an easy to read series of brief explanations supported by short stories of experiences in Africa that demonstrate the value of each step. Each section summarised and with a list of questions to find answers that will help you thrive in your own life.

Practical steps, amusing and enlightening stories from a life few have experienced

Peter Wright, Author

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Christine Wunder Patton

Author, Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Showing Up, Chris Patton

Book - Showing Up - Becoming the ME I Want to Be

For fifteen years, Christine Wunder Patton worked as a lawyer, judge, and mediator while raising her own son and daughter. Over those years, she took an active interest in youth activities, sports and personal development, enjoying mentoring young athletes in pursuit of their dreams. In 2004, Christine changed her own career focus to follow her true passion.

Christine’s new book, Showing Up ~ Becoming the Me I Want To Be, melds cutting-edge research with powerful inspiration and hands-on exercises to help each young person open up to his or her true potential. Students, young and old, gain a competitive edge as they look towards today’s ever-shifting workplace and record high unemployment statistics.

Christine Wunder Patton, Author

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Lee Pryke

Author, Coach, Speaker, Publisher

What if Just for Today, Lee Pryke

Book - What If Just for Today

This journal is what transpired on my path of finding more “happy”, changing the grumbles into endless possibilities, and loving ME enough to take a deep breath and either observe the beauty or make more beauty with a little paint and paper. I hope you smile, find your creative inner child, feel the joy and happy, and love yourself a little more as you create your own journal through these pages.

Lee Pryke, Author

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Lee Pryke

21 Day Gratitude Challenge, Lee Pryke

Book - 21 Days of Gratitude and More Challenge

iving a Life of Gratitude reduces stress and increases our chances of living a longer, healthier life. Sometimes challenging ourselves is a good thing. This book is ready to go for a 21 Day of Gratitude Challenge and more. It takes 21 days to form a habit so go ahead and start your 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge and make it a life long happy habit!

Lee Pryke, Author

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