New Kind of Trade Show

New Kind of Trade Show

Visit our businesses 365 day a year. Learn about their business in the comfort of your home any day of the year. Making healthy choices just got so much easier!

HealthyChoices Showcase 365

For five years Healthy Choices Wellness Show has been a live trade show for the community to visit and learn about alternative healthy choices to move towards a healthier body, mind and soul. We have exhibited from 40 – 60 businesses showcasing services without chemicals or toxins in their products. Some have brick and mortar businesses and others work from their home and online in the larger world of cyber space.

In one or two days we can reach 200- 500 guests in one day. Each show is quite unique in those who exhibit and those who attend and the common denominator is the people who attend are looking to learn and sample services and products they may not be too familiar with.

Reaching a Broader Audience


At a trade show you focus on your business first and foremost. Making sure your table is set up and looking good and then waiting to see who and how many people come to the show and pass by your booth to have a look and hopefully stop long enough to talk to you about what you do.

You only have a few moments to make an impact and while you are talking to the person,

Let me Ask You....

  • How many potential clients walked right on by to the next table or display?

In a local show you might be lucky to have a few hundred people come through, so let me ask you.....

  • How many of those people did you directly connect with?
  • Did you really have time to share enough quality information to have them engaged and interested in knowing more?

When things are quiet at the show, you may have a chance to actually get around and visit the other exhibitors and talk to them about what they do and why they do it, but then it gets busy again and you have to leave to get back to your booth and may not get around to everyone.

So again, let me ask you...

  • Out of 30 or 40 + exhibitors with amazing information, how many did you have a chance to engage with?
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For our spring show 2016, we partnered with and created a directory listing of each exhibitor, to showcase their business online through social media sharing. Collectively we worked together sharing each other’s business and in a few short weeks we had 11,000 views to the directory.


This inspired me to create something that would provide an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their business every day of the year instead of one or two days in a live show.

HealthyChoices Showcase 365

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New way of attending a trade show.

  • There is a directory with category listing such as alternative therapies, fitness etc. to make it easier to find what you are looking for
  • It is a full magazine template for premium members which includes photos, videos, audio and fresh content uploaded regularly.
  • Follow for updates on promotions, new services, events from your favourite businesses.
  • Like and Share the information in the articles that help you make Healthy Choices

The BEST part is you get to connect with every business, spend time learning about their passion and

Collectively as a group share each others business to social media in ONLY A FEW MINUTES.

Your potential customer base has grown ten fold, by working together collectively!

Welcome to the Healthy Choices Showcase 365

If you would like to showcase your business there are many options.

Contact  Lee Pryke to discuss the best way to showcase YOUR business.


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Shop and Learn from the comfort of your own home any day of the year!

Lee Pryke, Show Planner and Inspired Connector.

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