Journey's Sound Collective

Journey's Sound Collective

Pure Positive Love Infused music to uplift and inspire.

Feel Good is a Healthy Choice!

Our Annual Healthy Choices Showcase is about alternative ways to be healthy, happy, and experience a feeling of joy and happiness from the inside out.

We are pleased to have Brian Escobar back to our show BIGGER AND BETTER with his new group of amazing musicians - Journey's Sound Collective

They will be playing

Friday Night 8 pm to  9 pm and back again

Saturday at 12 pm to 1 pm.

Pure Positive Love Infused music to uplift and inspire our guests and exhibitors.

Brian Escobar

Journey's Sound Collective

When Brian is not playing, he will be exhibiting his love infused artisan crafted pieces from Tribal Wear.  All pieces are blessed and infused with Reiki Energy as our artists are also energy workers/healers. We believe that the more love you put into the work you do, the more beauty and potential it has to heal others when they see it.

Tribal Wear, Brian Escobar

Tribal Wear

Visit Brians Klusster Article on Tribal Wear to see some of his eclectic pieces.